Perry Mason (2020-): Chapter Eleven


Let’s check in on Perry Mason (2020-) and see what’s sartorially happening to everyone’s favorite scrappy little law firm!


ADA Milligan is impeccably dressed as per usual. It remains to be see how big of a douchebag he is, however.


Perry, Della, and Paul at the post-hearing press conference. Love love love Paul’s camel colored three-piece suit.


Della is burning the midnight oil yet again. Someone’s gotta keep the lights on at the law office!


We can always count on Anita to show up wearing something great. In this case it’s a sweater and wide-legged trouser combo in a dark rusty red.


Anita is one of the few characters who show up wearing anything other than a blue palette so far (with the exception of Della’s red evening gown from the previous episode). Wonder if it signifies something…?


Perry and Della drop in on Camilla Nygaard. Della is clearly feeling some dopamine from her burgeoning relationship with Anita.


Camilla is wearing a bathing suit that, no lie, I would wear myself today. Well, provided it was out of modern lycra and not wool knit, like this one probably is.


Apologies for the crappy screenshot of Marion. I had to zoom in and lighten the photo considerably to see the details in her dress, because she’s such a background character at the moment. I really hope they give her more screen time, not least of all because all her outfits are really spot-on!


Paul’s tie is fire. I love how the characters’ personalities are all expressed with their choice of neckwear.


Alas, Perry isn’t going to win any Dad of the Year awards any time soon, but he is trying! I love the sweater his son is wearing. Mom looks motherly in a feminine floral dress and complementary coat.


Miss Aimes is wearing a neat blue sweater. Incidentally, I have a brooch very similar to this one. Always love when that happens!


Another late night at the law office for Della.


The episode ends with Paul being hella cool and making a significant find for Perry’s case.


Are you watching season two of Perry Mason (2020-)? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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5 Responses

  1. Heather Ripley

    I am not watching the show but loving the screen caps. I am glad it looks like Perry finally found his razor (in the second image from the top)!

  2. florenceandtheai

    Wildly off topic, but the singers in Band-Maid (a Japanese rock band that kicks all the asses) wear blue or red roses on their hats to signify “warmth” and “aloofness” in their stage personas. It apparently comes from manga. I don’t know the specific terms, so I’ll spare you my likely butchering them. That’s what I thought of when I saw the caption that Anita is the only one not wearing mostly blues.

  3. hsc

    “Someone’s gotta keep the lights on at the law office!”

    Yeah– if only… ;-)

    But thanks for the great job you do tweaking these framecaps to make them more visible! I’m sure this series has been a challenge!

  4. Frances Germeshausen

    I love seeing someone actually in the water in a vintage wool suit.


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