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In cataloging Queen Elizabeth I on film and in TV, I realized we didn’t have proper reviews for some of the biggies, and it’s become my mission to fix that. We’ve mentioned and given short reviews to Helen Mirren‘s turn as Elizabeth I (2005) but since this two-part miniseries has some amazing costumes and solid acting, it’s time for a deep-dive.

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Patreon post unlocked - Elizabeth I (2005)

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  1. Susan Pola Staples

    I loved this two part miniseries. It’s my 2nd favourite ERI of all times. First being Glenda’s star turn. Same with the costumes. The ‘Rainbow Ruff’ is still beautiful and I’m partial to Discovery of Witches Season 2 one Teresa wears. But Mike O’Neill outdid himself with such beauty. I also like Hugh as manchild Devereaux. But like the Queen, my favourite courtier is Robert Dudley Earl of Leicester.

    Dame Helen was a very good choice for role as she is Dame Helen Mirren and like Dame Judi Dench can do anything. I enjoyed her portrayal of a queen in her prime: regal, intelligent, apt and save politician, and woman and as she ages, this Gloriana Regina ageless queen discovrs how mortal she really is.