Outlander Costume Recap & Podcast: Season 2, Episode 7


We’ll be recapping every episode of Outlander this season, both in blog post AND podcast. Kendra and Sarah will be focusing mostly on the costumes — designed by Terry Dresbach — in our blog posts, but probably tackling both the costumes and the story itself in our podcasts. You can find the podcast at the bottom of this post, or on iTunes!

For those who aren’t regular Frock Flicks readers: this blog and podcast is all about costumes in historical movies and TV shows, and we approach things from the angle of history. So, expect us to be talking about the costumes primarily from the point of view of comparison with the real history of the 1740s. We’ll also talk about costume in terms of story, and the deviations that come with this one having the fantasy element of time travel. But, know that when we talk about that dreaded phrase “historical accuracy,” we’re not doing it to be mean or judgy. It’s just one lens through which to watch this fabulous show.

Bonjour from Paris! Kendra & I took time away from our busy champagne drinking schedule to take a look at Outlander Season 2, Episode 7. We have to admit that we went for a bit of the ‘ol soft sell on this one, because PARIS. But hey, we love you guys so much, we couldn’t just let you flounder out there without your Outlander fix! So, let’s get to it so we can get back to all that champagne that isn’t going to drink itself!

Outlander s02e07

The show opens with a flash-forward to 1954, where we see Claire with a little red headed girl that we can all infer is Jamie’s daughter…

Outlander s02e07

And then we flash back to 1745, where Claire is in the process of miscarrying. It’s pretty gruesome.

Outlander s02e07

Claire recovers and returns home, to find that Jamie is imprissoned in the Bastille.

Outlander s02e07

We are treated to a disturbing dream sequence featuring Jack Randall. Refinery 29 has an interesting article about this scene, if you’re dealing with some Black Jack-inspired PTSD…

Outlander s02e07

I love this rose-pink stomacher with the brown jacket. The fichu is perfect.

outlander 2x07

I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over all this LIBRARY PORN.

Outlander s02e07

Forget the mustard yellow printed fabric from Britex. I want to know where they got the silk damasks! Green is IMPOSSIBLE to find these days!

Outlander s02e07

I liked the ruching around the neckline.

outlander 2x07

Louis in his fabulous housecoat/banyan.

Banyan ca. 1760 Metropolitan Museum of Art

This 1750s housecoat is similar in style to the one worn by Louis. Via The Met.

Outlander s02e07

St. Germain’s fabulous silver outfit is fabulous.

I had a quibble with the collars on both the Comte’s and Louis’ shirts, though. In the 1740s, the shirt collar was almost entirely hidden by the cravat or neck stock. The collar that protrudes over the top of the cravat is a much later 1790s style.

Portrait of Louis XV of France (1710-1774) by Maurice Quentin de La Tour, 1748, Louvre Museum

Portrait of Louis XV, 1748, by Quentin de la Tour. The collar of the shirt is totally obscured by the cravat.

Outlander s02e07

Take note: This is how you do it in the 18th century.

Outlander s02e07

We get to see more of the Vandyke Dress this time!

Outlander s02e07 Outlander s02e07 Outlander s02e07
Outlander s02e07

The most interesting thing about Jamie in this episode is his epic beard.

Outlander s02e07

This is what I mean by “fan ruching on the stomacher.” Louise is wearing a jacket and matching skirt. Again, where did this fabric come from??? I wantssss it my precioussss.

Outlander s02e07

Claire wears a dark black/brown gown over the painted stomacher and petticoat from episode 2. Very nice combination.

Outlander s02e07 outlander 2x07

We want to thank Outlander-Online.com for their awesome screenshots!

Outlander Season Two, Episode Seven, Podcast Recap

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24 Responses

  1. Susan Pola

    This was my favourite episode yet. And not just because Claire’s wearing my favourite colour, TEAL. Sarah if I give up my drooling over Louise’s dress, may I keep the teal? *grins fondishly over teal dress like she’s looking at a very adorable King Charles Spaniel puppy*

    Seriously though, the teal evens has a francaise back. And there’s a brocade similar at Britex. Pricey but I am adding it to my Wish List for my birthday.

    I want Louis’s banyan, seriously. I guess being King of France means never thinking about your partner in the sex act.

    I bawled through the miscarriage scene especially when Claire gave Louise Faith’s body.

    More after podcast and work.

  2. Kay

    I loved the damask dress. I may be my favorite gown of the season, despite in not being an actual sack-back.

    And you are so right about green fabric being hard to find. I don’t understand stand why that is. Emerald green is my favorite color and every time I go fabric shopping, the only greens that seem to are mossy and dull.

  3. Dianne Russo Karpowicz

    LOVED the green dress although on my TV it looked more blue than green. Who am I kidding? I love ALL the clothes in this series! I actually purchased a shawl in the Mackenzie plaid to take to Ireland on vacation. But most of all I love your reviews. I just discovered the blog about 4 weeks ago and look forward to every review! Keep up the great work :-)

  4. lesartsdecoratifs

    I really had a problem with the green dress. It was so good at the first look and then I noticed that the fabric pattern is symmetrical, the Francaise back is not even a Piemontaise, that it’s front closure is way too fashion forward and that the cartridge pleats are just not working for me with this dress. Just like you, I did like the color and I do know a source for green silk damask. Duran Textiles offers one with an asymmetrical floral pattern that they got from 18th Century originals and it looks pretty nice although a bit duller than Claire’s dress. Unsurprisingly though, it’s not exactly cheap.

    Well, anyway I hope you have fun in Paris. I’ll be there next week, probably for the same reason, so maybe we’ll run into each other in Versailles.

  5. Lauren

    I was hoping you’d mention the amazing silk robe Claire wore when she was walking around at night, crying after coming home from the hospital, and then heard Fergus upstairs having a nightmare. I want that robe! As heartbreaking as that scene was, I couldn’t help but drool over her robe the entire time.

  6. Lynn253

    I was happy to see the VanDyke dress again too, and so much more of it. I had to go back and watch again, I was too caught up in the story the first time to give it enough attention.

  7. Kesari

    Terry has mentioned before where that green fabric came from, and no doubt will pop up here when she has a moment and do the same. I have feeling it was from an italian upholstery/curtain type place?

  8. Charity

    Gorgeous outfits this episode. Tho, “quickie” has new meaning for me now. *cough*

  9. Susan Pola

    Ladies, I know you’re in PARIS(!!!), but I was disappointed in the podcast. Have you considered doing a revised edition when you get home?
    The reason I asked, is that you also give intelligent comments on the episode itself and this episode I felt deserves more.

    Now back to the fashions. Regarding my favourite the teal dress, I had to re-watch the episode and still the francaise dress looks more like what it should despite the top gathers, but I bow to your superior knowledge.

    Wish I could find more stills of Louise’s dress in this episode and the blue from the DPFH episode. Everytime I try to take a shot of them with camera, it looks blurred. Drat.

    Have a bottle of Lafite and Mouton on me. And love PARIS. I think I still prefer LONDON. But it’s only by a brief margin.
    Remember check out Les Arts Decoratifs at Louvre and see Versailles. They may have the exhibit of Marie Antoinette garments still.

    I also have a fondness for Louis XV.

    • Sarah Lorraine

      Sorry it disappointed you, but we aren’t going to redo it. And honestly, there wasn’t a lot we felt we needed to discuss outside of what we did talk about, without going waaaaay off topic with Fergus’ rape and miscarriage plot lines. We have to strike a balance!

  10. Dianne Russo Karpowicz

    I have a question. I just re watched the episode for the 6th time ( a bit obsessed) and I’m wondering how did the gowns fasten? Obviously no zippers, but I don’t see any buttons or other fasteners. Any ideas? Many thanks.

    • lesartsdecoratifs

      Depends on what was worn. Most gowns were either closed using pins (basically everything that had a stomacher) or hooks and eyes. (Pins don’t sound very dependable but since the stays take most of the strain, they work pretty well.) There were exceptions, the riding habits, for example, had buttons and the French robe de cour had hidden lacing in the back.

      If Claire’s garment were originals, the dress she wore while talking to the Mother Hildegard would have been pinned, while the dress she wore with the king would have had a hook and eye closure. I doubt though that Ms. Dresbach used pins though. They would be a nightmare on a film set. And since the dress doesn’t have any robings, they would be noticable.

  11. AshleyOlivia

    This episode hit me right in the gut. Oh my word, all the feels. Caitriona acted her socks off.

    The clothes were also so beautiful. I love, love that brown bodice with the pink stomacher. It’s a pity we don’t see more pink on Claire, because only now do I realize that the color looks stunning on Caitriona. I guess the color doesn’t really suit Claire’s character, but this is a perfect balance when paired with the warm brown bodice.

    I was slightly disappointed to discover Claire’s green damask gown wasn’t a true robe à la française, but oh well. Still a beautiful gown.

    And we got to see the Van Dyke in all its glory! I was really hoping we would see more of this gown in the future, but man, this was not the scene I was expecting it to be worn in. It always felt very “costumey” to me, so I was interested to see it used in the reunion scene with Jamie. I’d love to hear Terry’s thoughts on why it was paired with this moment.

    I also loved the mantilla Claire wears at the gravesite. Does anyone know more about the history of the mantilla in 18th-century France? I don’t really think the accuracy matters, since it did such a wonderful job conveying that Claire is in mourning at the gravesite, but I’d like to know!

  12. Dianne Russo Karpowicz

    Am i imagining this or did anyone else notice that the cloak Claire is wearing when exiting the carriage (at home) is the same one worn in the steps scene in the last episode. This time we can see the front of the cloak as well as the back.

  13. Helen Stewart

    I think a lot of the fabric is upholstery fabric, so hard to find in dressmaking shops. I have drapes in Claire’s Versailles dress with the giant bows on it. Upholstery fabric is generally a great shout for affordable historical options, and it’s made to last. Some of it is quite light weight, though historical fabrics tended to be heavier than modern dress making choices.