Outlander Costume Recap: Season 3, Episode 4 – “Of Lost Things”


We promised that we would blog about any interesting costume content in the 2017 season of Outlander, when it happens. “Interesting,” of course, means anything 18th-century. While the 1940s and 1960s costumes in the show are very, very good, you all have probably figured out by now that we are most excited by pre-20th-century fashion. We definitely noticed some new period gowns in episode four, so here you go!

2014- Outlander

OK, I readily admit that I actually really love the 1960s segments of the show. I am a shameless hippie at heart.

2014- Outlander

The whole Fam Damily. If you squint, Geneva Dunsany looks like Claire, which was a nice touch, considering…

2014- Outlander

Geneva Dunsany. Her color palette is subdued, saturated blues, which accentuates both her dark hair and blue eyes. And believe me, that’s not lost on Jamie.

2014- Outlander

The Dunsany sisters in their travelling clothes. Isobel is the plainer of the two, which is emphasized by her gray gown and matching capelet.

2014- Outlander

Geneva, in her riding attire (sans jacket). Again, there’s very strong association with the color blue, but it’s a blueish-gray for the most part. It evokes a pretty strong sense of nostalgia.

2014- Outlander

Hannah James, the actress who portrays Geneva Dunsany.

2014- Outlander

I love this riding habit. Jamie, however, is dubious.

2014- Outlander

The gold embroidery on the lapels of Geneva’s jacket totally works for me.

2014- Outlander

A different riding weskit?

2014- Outlander

Ah, seduction! This time, Geneva is show in a white dressing gown, which definitely belies her virginity.

2014- Outlander

Oopsie, someone’s preggers!

2014- Outlander

Isobel Dunsany, the “dowdy” sister, who turns out to be a lot stronger than anyone realizes. Her ribbon-work stomacher is a lovely, slightly “twee” touch.

2014- Outlander

Isobel’s last costume change is a somber grey-blue gown. She’s just out of mourning, but engaged to be married — and I can’t help but think that the slightly blueish cast to her gown is a nod to her sister.

2014- Outlander

I love these lace mitts! I have some similar vintage lace, and I’m tempted to whip something up like this.

2014- Outlander

A nice full-length shot of Isobel’s gown. I like the way that little Willie’s orange weskit makes him stand out, and provides a visual tie to Jamie’s red hair.

2014- Outlander

I love the back of Isobel’s hair. Very appropriate for the late-1760s.

2014- Outlander

Jamie’s neat wool suit is perfect for a groom of a wealthy family.

2014- Outlander

I love you, Lord John Grey.

2014- Outlander

It always makes me excessively happy to see handstitched top-stitching, like what you see on his weskit.

2014- Outlander

I thought the addition of the momento mori on Lady Dunsany was a nice touch.


And can I just say, Walk Off the Earth’s cover of Bob Dylan’s “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall” was a superb choice for the final few minutes of the film. ALL THE FEELS.


What did you think of this episode of Outlander? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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31 Responses

  1. karena333

    An outstanding episode in a long line of remarkable episides; I can’t get over the quality of everything related to this series, from screen adaptation to acting, from costumes to filming and sets. But the Dylan ending was the showstopper that made it so impactful. It’s interesting to see how Dylan’s works are making their way into top level dramas lately to such remarkable effect: from theatre, notably “Girl from the North Country”, (closing at the Old Vic today and moving to the West End due to demand) to Andrew Scott’s “Hamlet”, to “Outlander. ” Is he getting new respect and attention becsuse of the Nobel prize? He’s always been what he is. I’m glad his works are being rediscovered by a new generation.

    • lesartsdecoratifs

      Moore used a Bob Dylan song already on his last show with characters reciting the lyrics and playing the tune, even though that was a sci-fi alternative reality romp in which Bob Dylan didn’t exist. And that was years before the Nobel.

      • Sarah Lorraine

        Dylan’s music is functionally timeless. He set out to write it that way from the start. I’ve encountered songs of his before that I could have sworn were just his covers of a 19th-century folk song, but nope, they were totally his.

        I was just telling The Fiancé the other day how much I love Dylan’s music, especially when it’s not played or sung by Dylan. He’s an amazing wordsmith, but most of his stuff is so tedious when he’s singing it. Put it in the hands of a good singer, however, and SO MANY CHILLS AND FEELS.

  2. Susan Pola Staples

    Thank you, thank you for the pics of Geneva’s riding habit with jacket. All I was able to find were long shots on the horse and the puddle mud shot. But I still would like a close up of the whole thing.

    Also thanks beaucoup for Isobel’s dresses. Now, the only thing I still need (sans Jamie & LJG to shag 😇) are pictures of the incredibly beautiful Wee Willie’s baby stroller.

    Now we’re getting into clothes for one of my favourite periods of dress. And yes I feel Ms Dresbach’s costumes are clothes – props to her & staff – a person would wear as opposed to something incredibly uncomfortable.

    This show just gets better and better. Next episode has the ‘print shop’ scene.

      • Nifty

        As I recall, they only kiss the once: Jamie presses a kiss on John’s mouth when John agrees to care for Willie, leaving John a little shaken and stirred. Jamie jokes that he supposes he (Jamie) will not die from it. Later in Voyager, there’s a heartfelt hug when Jamie sees John again (in Jamaica) and John gives him a miniature portrait of Willie. They are very good friends for the rest of the series, and exchange letters, etc, but I don’t necessarily recall a lot of physical interaction between them.

        Now…John and CLAIRE….

      • Susan Pola Staples

        I was referring to my wish to shag them. Not whether they kiss in the books.
        They are majorly Drool worthy

          • Rachel

            I still have my fingers crossed that they saved the kiss for when Claire sees them together in Jamaica…but it may alas remain solely on the page.

  3. Broughps

    Terry pointed out the last dress Isobel is in was re-purposed from a background character from season two. They ?stenciled that pattern on. Lots of lovely costumes. I always look forward to your hair reactions.

    Jamie had no interest in Geneva. If she hadn’t blackmailed him he never would have gone to her room, let alone to her bed. It was rape on her part, she held all the power.

    • Deb

      I’m sure that thought was in the minds of the directors — perhaps that’s why they made Geneva look so much like Claire probably did when she was that age. Of course, it probably helped that Jamie has had sex like, what, twice now in 15 yrs?!

      • Sarah Lorraine

        That’s totally my feeling, too. I can’t remember how Geneva was described in the book, but the fact that the actress who was cast resembles Claire so much had to be a conscious decision. Personality-wise, she’s much more of a mean girl/alfa bitch than Claire is, but she’s got that same tendency towards bravado that Claire has, especially when she’s insecure or unsure of herself. Plus, she knows what she wants and goes after it.

        Of course, she goes about it in an absolutely shitty way. Blackmailing Jamie to have sex with her is pretty icky.

        • Susan Pola Staples

          But you have to be sympathetic towards Geneva. Blackmailing Jamie aside, she was sold to an old man, with no way out. Remember, girls of her social class – the aristocracy – had no control over their lives. They were under the control of their fathers and after marriage, their husbands. Granted there were a few happy marriages. Charlotte Lennox, the daughter of the Duke of Richmond comes to mind. But many were like Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire.
          Today Princess Diana comes to mind with her unhappy marriage.

  4. Susan Pola Staples

    I, too, love Isobel’s lace open finger gloves or mittens

  5. Lady Hermina De Pagan

    I also noticed that Geneva’s riding gown is direct mirror of Claire’s riding gown in France.

  6. anniebuck

    As I was scrolling down, I saw LJG and said, “I love you, Lord John Grey”, then saw the photo caption. I am actively campaigning for a spin-off series about him.

  7. Karen K.

    David Berry who plays LGJ was also on an excellent Australian period drama called A Place to call Home. Terrible title, but it’s a great story set in the 1950s with lovely costumes. It’s on DVD an Acorn TV. I hope David Berry can keep doing both series, he’s just great.

  8. Jenno

    I have a question about headwear. Maybe it’s from watching too many Austen adaptations, which are set 40-50 years later, but…in the Whole Fam Damily shot, why is Isobel wearing a mobcap and her mother isn’t? Shouldn’t the married woman be covering her hair and the unmarried sisters both be uncovered (unless they’re wearing actual hats)?

  9. donnakaylc

    I was curious about the hats–the ones that tie in the back are lovely-I am assuming they are appropriate to the time? I loved Geneva;s tricorne also!

  10. Lynn

    I love all three versions of the straw hat, and I want a pair of Isobel’s lace mitts too.

  11. Belle

    Geneva is striking! I noticed the blues matching her blue eyes – particularly the blue-gray gloves that she wore. In the “after episode talk” they said they had to make four of the embroidered riding habits for the scene where Jamie throws Geneva in the mud. (I frankly thought that the Jamie-Geneva sex scene was hotter than the Jamie-Claire scenes. In the next episode, Claire comes back to the 1700s wearing a blue-gray costume – she’s uncertain and thus didn’t pick a joyous color.). They overdid it to signal that Isobel is “plain” via her wardrobe colors – they could cover her ears. I’d rather see her in spring colors. Still, plain colors but exquisite detail when you look closer – much like who Isobel is as a person. Fabulous acting by Tanya Reynolds. She brought it all.

    It is interesting – no woman can be fully happy in the Dunsany family and the costume colors reflect that missing joy. They may benefit from Lord Dunsany’s status, but they suffer repeated loss, transactional marriages and an inability to inherit property due to their sex. The last time we see Geneva, her dress has moved from blue to gray with a black tricorne, foreshadowing that the pregnancy – while positive in that it will result in a worthy heir – will be the end of her.

  12. Toni Stevens

    Everyone I know is wondering why David Berry isn’t a HUGE star—–somebody was sure on the ball to get him to audition–would really like the details on how it happened and why we haven’t known much about him until now?????? SUPERIOR acting ability and fabulous to look at!! WOW!!!

  13. mjsamuelson

    Doing a light rewatch of my favorite episodes and these first few in the third season are at the top. This one in particular – I love, love the costumes here.