Outlander Anniversary


On this day in 2014, the TV series Outlander premiered on Starz in the U.S.! It was the show that launched a thousand Frock Flicks posts, among other things, so it seems fitting to take a trip down memory lane with Claire, Jamie, and the clan…

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t begin with The Great Hygiene Controversy. This wasn’t actually about historical costume or about Outlander, the TV series, truth be told. But it was about Historical Accuracy™ and Actual Research™, things we care a lot about. Not saying we’re the final experts on such matters, just that we really appreciate these things and want to see them used and not abused. It’s kind of our mission here.

That lead to us reviewing and podcasting the first few episodes of Outlander‘s season one, and, if you listen, you’ll notice we rather enjoyed it! But it needed more shagging — yeah, we’re impatient like that. You could tell where it was going though.

We kept up with the first season and talked about Geillis with her, ehem, unique fashion sense, then we really got in-depth with a fabulous guest post by 18th-century expert Brenna Barks focusing on tartan and the men’s costuming in Outlander. Finally, we looked at the beautiful wedding gown Claire wore before she and Jaime did the deed (the real moment we were all waiting for!).


There was the long wait between seasons, and everyone speculated on what was coming. We weighed in too, as you do. From early on, costume designer Terry Dresbach has added her voice here, sharing insights into her process, and we’re always excited to hear more about what goes on behind the scenes!


And then, huzzah, season two took us to glorious Paris!!! So we (OK, Kendra and Sarah) decided to recap the whole season in blog and podcast form. You can start the series here and follow the Outlander tag at the bottom of each post for more or go to our podcasts page for all of them. Brenna Barks also joined in for a couple podcast episodes, including the finale.

Also during season two, we had a wonderful interview with Terry Dresbach, which we are proud to say is the longest, most detailed, completely unedited interview you will find with Terry anywhere in any medium (aside from her own writings in her blog). Thank you again, Terry, and we hope to chat in the future as Outlander visits new places and times!

The series has been renewed for seasons three and four — based on Diana Gabaldon’s books Voyager and Drums of Autumn, respectively, in the Outlander series. Of course, the TV versions may change in some places from the novels, as screen adaptions always do. As long as we have more fantastic historical costumes and more shagging, we’ll be just fine. Right?



What’s been your favorite Outlander topic on Frock Flicks so far and what do you want us to cover in the future?


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4 Responses

  1. Susan Pola

    I have one from Season 1. It’s Claire’s Wedding Gown And several from Season 2 Claire’s Versailles Red Ball Gown, Claire’s Bar Suit, her Van Dyke Dress with chatelaine, and the Versailles Garden Party dress she wore and Annalise’s pink casaquain. I do wish, in my teal-obsessed favourite colour a more thorough mention & pics of her Teal gown which Claire wore to Versailles in which she got to shag Louis XV for Jamie’s release in Episode 207 Faith. It was my favourite episode.

    What I would like, impossible, is a wardrobe recap of Claire’s, Louise’s, Annalise’s, Count ‘Studly’ St German’s and His Must Catholic Majesty Louis XV’s, also Jamie’s.

    I look forward to Season 3 and more fantastic costumes and shagging.

  2. Karen

    I totally missed Season One but have purchased it and have been binge-watching…I am totally addicted and cannot wait for Season 3! I know this is totally backwards but now I want to read the books as well. Keep doing what you are doing; I’m a huge fan!

  3. Maggie

    Just want to say thank you for your Outlander coverage. It’s how I first found your site!

    I appeciated all the paintings you brought in to compare to the costumes.

  4. Laurence Demaret

    In the book, to come back through the stones, Claire needs an outfit that would look like 18th century style .She finds some costume , all polyester lace and satin with a zip in the back! “hippie fashion” she said . I cant’ wait for that scene! Hope we’ll have it in season 3.