Mini-Podcast and Patreon Preview


We’ve mentioned before that we’re occasionally posting short “What Are We Watching” podcasts on our Patreon page. This is a special bonus for monthly subscribers where we talk about things that either don’t make it to the blog or we elaborate on points that come up in blog and social media comments. And we just talk about what’s on our minds regarding historical costume in the movies and TV.

So two of us — Trystan and Sarah — recorded another episode and decided to post it for everyone to listen to as a thanks for all your support recently. Through PayPal donations, Patreon subscriptions, buying our gear, and with your comments on the blog, Facebook, and Twitter, we really appreciate your support for this crazy thing we do! It’s not a full-time job (and honestly, it’s unlikely to be), but we spend a hell of a lot of time, effort, and personal funds on it, so it’s gratifying when you engage thoughtfully and entertainingly with us and even help defray the infrastructure costs. Also, if there are other things that Patreon subscribers might like from us as perks (or extras that would tempt you to subscribe), let us know! We’re thinking about new types of Frock Flicks gear too, and if there’s something you’d love to see, drop us a line.

In this mini-podcast a la Patreon, we go into more depth about Victoria (2017), discuss the documentary Six Wives with Lucy Worsley (2017), and opine about the place of academics, journalists, and criticism in the media landscape. Don’t worry, we barely had one cocktail each!

You can listen to this mini-podcast online below or on iTunes.


9 Responses

  1. Sarah Lorraine

    Note to self: Don’t take Adderall on the same day that you podcast.

    I apologize to all of our listeners for being such a hyperactive rambler. :P

  2. Katie

    One thing that I will say in defense of the brothel scene in Victoria-they didn’t default to the “everyone in a corset” cliche or have the prostitutes in something totally ahistorical and modern sexy. Instead they were wearing pretty much what all the other upper class women were wearing just a bit brighter, showier and lower cut. Which is what the women in a very expensive brothel would have worn.

    • Trystan L. Bass

      Very true! I liked the scene — it was a fancy drawing-room type setting, all the women were in proper evening dress (down to the ‘madame’ in the gown semi-inspired by my Eugenie gown ;-) ), & nobody acted overtly sexy in a non-19th-century way. Even when Albert & the prostitute were alone, she didn’t put on totally modern moves.

  3. Frannie Germeshausen

    Thanks for sharing this! I was thinking about Frock Flicks when I watched Six Wives, which I enjoyed. I thought you’d all be delighted that in the first episode, Katherine of Aragon was young, pretty, fair-skinned, blue-eyed and red-haired.

    • Trystan L. Bass

      Yes! That was one of the nice things about Lucy Worsley’s documentary — she gave Katherine of Aragorn her due as not just a dried-up old hag & showed her as a young woman.

  4. Fran in NYC

    I think they recreated the ladies’ headdresses much better in Secrets of the Six Wives. The French hoods were properly positioned, mainly. I think the main point of the doc was to see events from the wives’ POV rather than some omnicient angle.

    I LOVE your site! Thank you for the mini- podcast!

    • Trystan L. Bass

      I could tell at least some of the French hoods were the same (identical front headbandy piece, same gems), but I think they swapped out the veils for less transparent ones. The gable headdresses were excellent (but they were excellent in Wolf Hall, so maybe they were the same too?).