MCM: Tom Mison


Tom Mison. The name may be unfamiliar to you unless you’re a fan of Sleepy Hollow (the TV series), but you really should get to know it. Because, ROWR.

Mysterious Island (2005)

His first foray was this TV movie, which IMDB tell us is about the following: “To escape evils of the Civil war, Cyrus removes his small family and random war prisoners by way if hot air balloon. Once landing on an island the group finds they are surrounded by danger from giant insects and gold craving pirates. Turned away by the only safe haven on the island, owned by captain Nemo, Patrick Suart, the group is forced to find shelter and survive.”

Don’t worry, just look at the pretty:

Mysterious Island (2005) Mysterious Island (2005)


A Waste of Shame: The Mystery of Shakespeare and His Sonnets (2005)

I hearby nominate Trystan or Sarah to track this down and review it for us. I can’t find any images of Tom in it, but it has RUPERT GRAVES as Shakespeare, also stars Tom Hiddleston, and features same-sex attraction. THIS IS SO RELEVANT TO TRYSTAN AND SARAH’S INTERESTS. (But yes, Tom Mison is in this. Somewhere.)

2005 A Waste of SHame1

Rupert Graves (right) as Shakespeare, with his pretty boy.

2005 A Waste of Shame- The Mystery of Shakespeare and His Sonnets

Tom Hiddleston, ladies.

2005 A Waste of SHame2

Also I found this screenshot, which I need to know more about.


Lost in Austen (2008)

Back to Tom Mison. Lost in Austen annoyed some people, but I strangely like it — as in, have watched it multiple times. A big part of what I like is Tom as Mr. Bingley, but he’s not just sweet and pretty Mr. Bingley — he’s emo Mr. Bingley! ‘Nobody understands me’ Mr. Bingley! ‘I’m going to wear black and lock myself in my room listening to the same song over and over’ Mr. Bingley! Oh, and, pretty:

Lost in Austen (2008)

Suddenly Mr. Darcy isn’t looking that hot.

2008 Lost in Austen

Bingley and Jane. Emo.

2008 Lost in Austen

Who cares about the jerk on the left, INTRODUCE ME TO YOUR HOT BLONDE BROTHER, Caroline! (C) ITV Plc/Mammoth Screen


Poirot (2008)

He was in an episode of the famous detective series called “Third Girl”: “After a seemingly neurotic young heiress tells Ariadne Oliver and Poirot that she thinks she may have killed someone, her ex-nanny is found with her wrists slashed.”

2008 Poirot


2008 Poirot1

Rockin’ the hide-waisted pants with suspenders! Yes!


Parade’s End (2012)

I hated this miniseries. It was completely depressing, and not in an interesting way. I don’t even remember Tom in this, although I watched it before I had any idea who he was. But I just found these images, and now I am thinking YES! YES!

2012 Parades End


Parade's End (2012)

Clearly he gets up to no good. I have no memory of this. I just remember annoying people being morose.


Sleepy Hollow (2013 – present)

And now, the piece de resistance: as Ichabod Crane in TV’s Sleepy Hollow. I picked on the show a little bit for Snark Week, but it’s actually quite entertaining, gets great reviews, and has a ravenous fan base. Essentially, Ichabod is the character you know from the Washington Irving story, but he’s time-traveled to the present day through complicated means. He hooks up with a modern-day police detective and the two investigate the Headless Horseman and other paranormal scariness.

Ichabod is HILARIOUS. He’s ridiculously quotable, especially when it comes to observations about the modern era, like:

“What’s insane is a 10% levy on baked goods. You do realize the Revolutionary War began on less than 2%. How is the public not flocking to the streets in outrage? We must do something.”

On being given a Christmas stocking:

“Oh. You embroidered my name on some oversized hosiery. How … odd.”


“I don’t understand your obsession with my finery. Demons threaten our very existence with the promise of Apocalypse … God’s wounds! One sign of the impending Apocalypse is surely skinny jeans.”

And, he’s HOT:

2013-17 sleepy hollow 2013-17 sleepy hollow 2013-17 sleepy hollow

4 Responses

  1. Violet

    Oh I didn’t know that was him in Parade’s End! He was Potty Perone, Rebecca Hall’s character’s lover. She left Tietjens for him and then Perone went a bit nutso when she ended their affair (hence the picutred gun wafting).

  2. Sarah F

    I unabashedly love Sleepy Hollow. I was hooked right away by the strong, complex female characters (of color!), and Tom Mison’s historical hero hair is the stuff dreams are made of.

  3. Michael L. McQuown

    Dear Kendra, you take Tom, I’ll take Katia. Love the show, have a few issues with wardrobe — what were those strange hats the soldiers were wearing recently? Another historical show which plays with 20/20 hindsight is “The Artful Detective” on Ovation. You might like the very buttoned-up Det. Murdoch. And I’m rather partial to both the lady doctors.