MCM: Tom Hughes


Tom Hughes is yet another British cutie who’s popping up in a lot of frock flicks. He often plays petulant and/or conniving men, and he does it well. Let’s run down his oeuvre!


Dr. Harry Ingrams in Casualty 1909 (2009)

2009 Casualty 1909

Haven’t seen it!


The Duke of Aumerle in The Hollow Crown (2012)

2012 The Hollow Crown

From Richard II.

2012 The Hollow Crown

I like the colors and the thread eyelets!

2012 The Hollow Crown

And the willingness to wear tight hose/pants!


Julian in Dancing on the Edge (2013)

2013 dancing on the edge

He’s definitely petulant in this one.

Dancing On The Edge 2013

Floppy bangs and excellent layering!

2013 dancing on the edge

Uh oh…


Mike Rogers in Marple: “Endless Night” (2013)

2013 Marple- Endless Night

Fun to see a casual look on both!

2013 Marple- Endless Night


Max Hare in The Lady Vanishes (2013)

Tuppence Middleton, The Lady Vanishes (2013) 2013 The Lady Vanishes


Prince Albert in Victoria (2016-19)

2016 Victoria

Tight. Breeches.

2016-19 Victoria

I didn’t make it far enough with this series to get to the Albert episodes, but I approve of the floppy bangs and sideburns!


Leon in Red Joan (2018)

2018 Red Joan

He’s a communist who influences a fellow Cambridge student.

2018 Red Joan

Floppy curls!

2018 Red Joan


Kit Marlowe in A Discovery of Witches (2021)

2021 A Discovery of Witches

As in playwright Christopher Marlowe.

2021 A Discovery of Witches

Nice slashed sleeves, nice mini-ruff!

2021 A Discovery of Witches

The Boy Band hair is on fleek, however.


Robert Graves in The Laureate (2021)

2021 The Laureate

About British war poet/novelist Robert Graves.

2021 The Laureate



Thomas Trafford in The English (2022)

2022 The English

Nice strong colors! Excellent use of indigo!

2022 The English

I’d like to know more about that jacket, which looks very indigenous-influenced.

Which is your favorite of Tom Hughes’s frock flick roles?


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6 Responses

  1. Leigh

    Very MCM.

    Casualty 1909 is a great watch with not to many eposides, and solid plot. Great for a sick day where you can get through it all and still nap.

  2. Penny H

    I think I’ve only ever seen him in Endless Night. Thanks for the heads up on The Laureate–I’m able to get the DVD from the library, and I was a Robert Graves fan at one time (Goodbye to All That, I Claudius).

  3. Gina P

    How is it possible that I missed him in The English! Might have to watch it again.

  4. Fran in NYC

    He was an excellent Albert in Victoria. I guess we’re not getting anymore of that; it seems everyone has moved on. Albert had just collapsed after the Crystal Palace!

  5. Lily Lotus Rose

    He is so hot!! I can’t even…. I first noticed him in Cemetery Junction (which to my mind is a FrockFlick, but isn’t by your standards ’cause it’s set in 1973). I also liked him in Silk (also not a Frock Flick). Anyway, he is SOOO gorgeous AND a good actor. To answer your question, for my fave of his FF roles is a tie between Albert in Victoria and Kit Marlowe in A Discovery of Witches. I was totally annoyed by his character in Dancing on the Edge! GREAT MCM choice!


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