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I was reading about the upcoming feature film version of Mr. Malcolm’s List, and noticed British actor Theo James and thought, “oooo! Mr. Pamuk! What else has he done?” I saw Sanditon and felt sad-trombone, but then, Mr. Pamuk! So here we are!


A Passionate Woman (2010)

Two married people (Billie Piper and Theo James) have an affair in 1950s England; the story then jumps to the 1980s when the affair is public knowledge.

2010 A Passionate Woman1

Okay this looks 1950s | (c) Rollem Productions

2010 A Passionate Woman1

Is this 1980s? I’m confused!


Downton Abbey (2010)

KEMAL. PAMUK. Turkish attaché and hot hot hottie of season one of Downton Abbey.

2010 Downton Abbey

ooo he’s all muddy!

2010 Downton Abbey

Hottie meets hottie!


Room at the Top (2012)

A BBC adaptation of a novel: “the rise of an ambitious young man of humble origin, and the socio-economic struggles undergone in realising his social ambitions in post-war Britain.” With Jenna Coleman.

2012 Room at the Top

Lookin’ fly in black tie


The Secret Scripture (2016)

In Ireland during World War II, a Catholic woman becomes entangled with a Protestant RAF fighter, while Theo James’s minister tries to mess things up.

2016 The Secret Scripture

The guy looks great in black!

2016 The Secret Scripture

Harder to get excited about.

2016 The Secret Scripture

I do love a good wool overcoat!


Sanditon (2019)

One of Jane Austen‘s unfinished stories, in which a young and naive heroine navigates a seaside resort in Regency England. James plays the main love interest.

2019 Sanditon

He looks like he has a paunch here!

2019 Sanditon

Ok this is a nice smolder.


Mr. Malcolm’s List (coming soon)

A feature film version of a short film based on a novel, in which a woman gets revenge on a suitor in Regency England. Notable for its color-conscious casting.

Mr. Malcolm's List

Behind the scenes, with a stache…

Mr. Malcolms List

Out of costume with some of the rest of the cast.


What’s your favorite Theo James frock flick role?


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9 Responses

    • M.E. Lawrence

      I sent our daughter, not a Masterpiece fan, a photo of poor Mr. P, and it made her squeal with delight. James would make a good Valentino.

  1. Jillian

    I saw the short film of Mr Malcom’s List around the time it was released, I’m happy to see it’s being turned into a full length movie!

  2. Umme

    A passionate woman, Sanditon and Secret Scripture were all great. Looking forward to Mr Malcolm’s List as his look is very different in it.

  3. Coco

    I was just rewatching Sanditon over the weekend since it was recently announced for renewal. Then I read that Theo James has declined to come back for the new seasons.

  4. SarahV

    My oh my, is he ravishing.

    I didn’t realize that he was Poor Mr. Pamuk. I get, Lady Mary. I totally get it.