MCM: Simon Callow


Anyone can have a hot bod, but what I admire most is a clever wit and a fine mind. Simon Callow is a sassy character actor who shows up in pretty much every historical costume movie and TV show as that funny, quirky fellow who delivers a zinger when the script calls for it or is made to look the fool so the hero and heroine can come out on top. And that takes balls as an actor. So mad props to Mr. Callow — whose birthday is this week — and let’s celebrate his faaaaabulous historical roles.


Emanuel Schikaneder in Amadeus (1984)

Simon Callow in Amadeus (1984)

As Papageno in The Magic Flute at the end of the film.


George Frideric Handel in Honour, Profit & Pleasure (1985)

Simon Callow in Honour, Profit & Pleasure (1985)

Wigs are a theme here!


The Reverend Mr. Beebe in A Room With a View (1985)

Simon Callow in A Room with a View (1985)

He seems so straight-laced…

Simon Callow in A Room with a View (1985)

But he can get down for a good time for one of the best historical skinny-dips ever!


Mr. Ducie in Maurice (1987)

Simon Callow in Maurice (1987)

Playing against type as a strict school teacher in this gay coming-of-age film.


Richard Cosway in Jefferson in Paris (1995)

1995 Jefferson in Paris

I *BIG PUFFY HEART* SIMON CALLOW IN THIS ROLE!!! I’ve even modeled a cross-dressing character of my own on him. This is the bestest!!

Simon Callow in Jefferson in Paris (1995)

Definitely one of the top five foppiest fops that ever fopped in frock flicks!


Charles II in England, My England (1995)

Simon Callow in England, My England (1995)

Gotta love that Chaz.


Count Fosco in The Woman in White (1997)

Simon Callow in The Woman in White (1997)

Getting spooky with Tara Fitzgerald.


Tilney – Master of the Revels in Shakespeare in Love (1998)

Simon Callow in Shakespeare in Love (1998)

Such an entertaining jerk!


Charles Dickens in Doctor Who (2005 & 2011)

Simon Callow in Doctor Who (2005 & 2011)

Simon Callow was obviously asked to portray Dickens in Doctor Who because he had performed a successful one-man stage show about Charles Dickens.


Duke of Sandringham in Outlander (2015-16)

Simon Callow in Outlander (2015-16)

Proving he’s still got it!

Simon Callow in Outlander (2015-16)



What’s your favorite historical costume movie or TV show with Simon Callow?

21 Responses

  1. Susan Pola Staples

    My favourites are Master Tilney in Shakespeare in Love, Reverend Mr Beebe in A Room With a View, His Grace of Sandringham in Outlander. His performances in all were subtle, thoughtful and memorable. I really wanted Jefferson in Paris to be Richard Cosway in Paris. Jefferson May have been a genius, but Nick Nolte portrayal was flat.
    I’m rerenting Maurice and Room.

  2. Renngrrl

    Most excellent choice! I fell in love with Simon in Four Weddings and Funeral “It’s Brigadoon! It’s Bloody Brigadoon!” and have loved him ever since.

  3. Daniel Milford-Cottam

    I’ve small-talked with him at a wedding!! Absolutely lovely guy – we talked about bees and how Napoleon used them as a motif. (Yeah, I guess my small talk isn’t like most other people’s small talk….)

    • Bea

      I met him once at the stage door–not of his own play.
      He was picking up Alan Rickman after a performance of Private Lives. :D

      • Susan Pola Staples

        Lucky you. I’m soo jealous. In fact, I’m mint ice-cream with toppings jealous😁🍧🍧

    • Susan Pola Staples

      I’ve always wondered why Napoleon used Bees as his motif, unless it was sheer ego. Did you discover the reason?

      • Peacoclaur

        Bees were a roman symbol of industry and community. Also at a distance they look like Fleur-de-Lys.

  4. GinaP

    He has a cameo that is uncredited in Howards End, as the music appreciation lecturer. When he appeared on screen, my sis and I screamed, “Mr. Beebe!” The rest of the audience was not amused.

  5. Jenno

    How about his M. Andre in “Phantom of the Opera,” who together with Ciaran Hinds’s M. Firmin, made their fortune in the junk business.

    “Scrap. Metal.”

    Though he’ll always be Rev. Mr. “How do you do, come and have a bathe” Beebe to me!

  6. Karen K.

    Mister Beebe wins for the skinny dipping scene! That costume in Shakespeare in Love is to die for, though.

  7. B.

    He’s in Derek Jarman’s “Sebastiane”, under a nom de plume, wearing an enormous fake nose. You just have to close your eyes though to know it’s him.