MCM: Rhys Ifans


Today we take a look at the historical costume films and TV shows of Welsh actor, Rhys Ifans!


Dancing at Lughnasa (1998)

Set in Ulster in 1936, the film was based on a play of the same name. Rhys Ifans plays Gerry Evans, the source of much of the central characters’ angst.


Vanity Fair (2004)

We had a lot to say in our podcast about the high collars and cravats in this film.


Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007)

Ifans plays the fictionalized leader of the Babington Plot to overthrow Queen Elizabeth I.


Nanny McPhee Returns (2010)

The follow-up film in the Nanny McPhee franchise, packed with stars from top to bottom. Rhys Ifans plays the bad guy, Uncle Phil.


Anonymous (2011)

“Pretty but dumb” is about all we had to say for this film. It attempts to give credence to the idea that Shakespeare wasn’t the author of his plays, and well, has some fun with that historical conspiracy theory.


Neverland (2011)

A miniseries reimagining of the Peter Pan story with Ifans as Jimmy Hook, the leader of a street gang that winds up in a strange alternate world after a mishap with a stolen glowing orb.


Madame Bovary (2014)

Ifans plays the villain Monsieur Lheureux, in this 2014 adaptation of the classic novel by Flaubert.


Serena (2014)

“Depression-era South Carolina” … *yawn* I’m not sure I’ll be going out of my way to watch this one.


Misbehaviour (2020)

I can’t wait to watch this one! It’s about the 1970 Miss World pageant and the women that infiltrate it to shut it down.


Last Call (2020)

The last days of poet Dylan Thomas’ life. Looks depressing.


The King’s Man (2021)

Rhys Ifans is Rasputin in what is starting to shape up to be a glorious trash fire of a film.



Are you a fan of Rhys Ifans? Tell us your favorite roles in the comments!

10 Responses

  1. susan l eiffert

    Big fan of his here, though I’ve only seen his movies taking place in the present day. I first noticed him as the doofus roommate in Notting Hill. But in a subsequent movie – something about a chair and balloons – I guess he was a doofus there, too – I realized he’s charming and actually rather sexy. Thanks for this post Sarah Lorraine, and give SF a kiss for me – I miss my old home.

    • Siobhan S

      You are referring to Danny Deckchair, a silly but much-beloved movie in our home. You perfectly describe his charm in that Aussie movie, where he is paired with Eowyn herself (Miranda Otto).

  2. florenceandtheai

    I see Rhys, I click, I say “diolch.” Not a period film, but he was a hoot in The Replacements.

  3. Jennie Gist

    What, no Pirate Radio? (aka The Boat That Rocked). He wears flamboyant 60’s duds as Gavin the celebrity DJ. Great ensemble cast, wonderful 60’s soundtrack.

  4. Lily Lotus Rose

    Waiting with baited breath for The King’s Man and Misbehaviour. I loved Anonymous, and by loved I mean I laughed and cringed through the whole film. (It helped that I saw it on the big screen.) My fave here is Vanity Fair because of James Purefoy (sigh), although the movie was good all-around. I think I’ve picked up Serena from the DVD section at my public library at least a dozen times, and I’ve still never checked it out… Rhys Ifans is a good actor, and I think he’s better looking than these pictures demonstrate. Also, Pirate Radio was a hoot!

  5. Lisa McAnally

    Saw Last Call back in 2016 at a film festival when it had a different title. It was amazing. Plus, the director walked by my house when my dog ran out and he liked her…

  6. Bea

    Honestly, in some of those shots, he looks like Paul McGann. It’s rather disturbing.

  7. SarahV

    Not a Frock Flick, but I thought he was dreamy and so very, very desirable in The Five Year Engagement . What can I say, I am a sucker for a tall, professorial Welshman dressed in tweed.

  8. Karin

    Also looking forward to Misbehaviour. There was a documentary about the pageant and what happened not too long ago, and there are a lot of interesting angles to the story.