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Let’s discuss who has become MY favorite hottie in the Bridgerton series now that Regé-Jean Page has moved on: Luke Thompson. This floppy-haired charmer plays second-oldest son Benedict, and he’s funny, arty, and already getting his kit off — I can’t WAIT until he’s the focus on the season (possibly season 3, if they stick with the book order). He hasn’t done much else, frock-flick-wise, but I dredged up some period stuff, and I plan to keep both my eyes very fixed on him for future performances.


Shakespeare’s Globe: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2014)

Thompson got his start in theater, so I’m including filmed performances here! He played Lysander — and helpfully got his shirt off. Yum!

2014 Shakespeare's Globe- A Midsummer Night's Dream

He’s a dirty, naughty boy!


The Suspicions of Mr Whicher (2014)

A late-Victorian-set detective series, Thompson played “Joshua Hallows” in the episode, “The Ties That Bind.”

2014 The Suspicions of Mr Whicher

And clearly got down and dirty. Is that a theme for him?


Globe on Screen: Julius Caesar (2015)

Another filmed Shakespeare’s Globe production. He played Mark Antony.

2015 Globe on Screen- Julius Caesar

Oh Antony my Antony! I like how they’re going Elizabethan/Roman here.


Dunkirk (2017)

Thompson’s first non-stage film role was a tiny little one, “Warrant Officer,” in the World War II film.

2017 Dunkirk

Thank you, whoever screencapped and circled this!


Bridgerton (2020- )

As artistic second son Benedict, with tall, floppy hair and high, high collars. I love how his character is very teasing of his siblings. And how he’s already been shagging right and left!

2020 Bridgerton


2020 Bridgerton

He’s got a sensitive side!

2020 Bridgerton

I’m not sure about how period those pants are, but I like that they’re tight!

2020 Bridgerton

Behind the scenes. He’s got a GREAT smile.

2020 Bridgerton

ROCKING that hat!!

2020 Bridgerton



Misbehaviour (2020)

A based-on-a-true-story film about the 1970 Miss World competition, focusing on the feminists (including Keira Knightley and Jessie Buckley) who protested it and a Black contestant (Gugu Mbatha-Raw). It was a great film, just a little too recent for us to really review! Thompson played anti-apartheid activist (and future British politician) Peter Hain.

2020 Misbehaviour

He’s still cute, even in the brown.

2020 Misbehaviour

Although the lank hair isn’t great.

Who’s your favorite of the various Bridgerton boys?


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9 Responses

  1. Fleur Brocade

    Good gracious tempus fugit! Fassbender & Clive Owen have progeny?…carry on.

  2. Gretchen

    I really loved him this season! Not just cute but a good actor. I sense big future-star potential. They teased us enough that I’m hopeful he’ll be the star next season.

  3. Coco

    The man whose face dares to ask the question: Is it possible to be too symmetrical?

  4. Kaite Fink

    He’s one of the best parts of the Bridgerton series. His theatre background certainly shows in his acting. I’m looking forward to seeing more of him (tee-hee, see what I did there?!) in the future.

  5. Mizdema

    What about this aside tie knot in Bridgerton S2?
    So weird I was wondering it could be à code (like scarfs in the Islands, meaning “single” “married” or “lovers welcome”)
    In that case ” I’m not straight!!!!”
    But we know Benedict is not going that way…

  6. Lily Lotus Rose

    I never heard of this guy before but he looks really great in the uppermost photo.