MCM: Joseph Fiennes


This Man Candy Monday arose because I wondered what Joseph Fiennes did between playing 16th-century heartthrobs in 1990s frock flicks and now playing creepy Commander Waterford in The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu. Apparently he kept himself busy with a mix of World War II movies and medieval-fantasy TV roles, at least when it comes to historical costume!



Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, in Elizabeth (1998)

Joseph Fiennes - Elizabeth (1998)

Is he my favorite Leicester? No. Are he & Cate Blanchett cute AF in this flick? Yes.



Will Shakespeare in Shakespeare in Love (1998)

Shakespeare in Love (1998)

I’m a hopeless romantic at heart & unashamedly love this one.

Shakespeare in Love (1998)



Commisar Danilov in Enemy at the Gates (2001)

Joseph Fiennes - Enemy at the Gates (2001)

WWII Russian, aka why are the baddies always hot?




Elijah in Dust (2001)

Joseph Fiennes - Dust (2001)

Obligatory western is obligatory.




Martin Luther in Luther (2003)

Joseph Fiennes - Luther (2003)

The tonsure is not cute, but I loves me some nailing-theses-to-the-door action.



Bassanio in The Merchant of Venice (2004)

Joseph Fiennes - The Merchant of Venice (2004)

He gets one of the few fancy costumes in this otherwise servicable Shakespeare adaption.

Joseph Fiennes - The Merchant of Venice (2004)




Jamie Dodd in Man to Man (2005)

Joseph Fiennes - Man to Man (2005)

Set in the 1870s about British anthropologists who learn that, wow, African hunter-gatherers are people too.



Major Gibson in The Great Raid (2005)

Joseph Fiennes - The Great Raid (2005)

World War II again!



Artur Planck in Spring 1941 (2007)

Joseph Fiennes - Spring 1941 (2007)

WWII from the other side, as father of a Polish family hiding from the Nazis. Can’t find decent pix, so this is all I got.



Brown in The Red Baron (2008)

Joseph Fiennes - The Red Baron (2008)

Oh, World War I for a tiny bit of variety.



Merlin in Camelot (2011)

Joseph Fiennes - Camelot (2011)

Pretty bad-ass for Merlin, although the costume doesn’t look very medieval to me. But I know some of you love this series.


King Eurystheus in Hercules (2014)

Joseph Fiennes - Hercules (2014)

More fantasy than historical, but the official description says it’s set in 1400 B.C., lol.



Clavius in Risen (2016)

Joseph Fiennes - Risen (2016)

A Roman soldier in this Biblical flick.


Eric Liddell in On Wings of Eagles (2016)

Joseph Fiennes - On Wings of Eagles (2016)

Something of a sequel to Chariots of Fire & based on a real story set in the 1920s-1940s. Hopefully Joseph Fiennes will do more frock flicks since he has a solid track record!



What’s your favorite historical costume movie or TV role by Joseph Fiennes?

13 Responses

  1. MoHub

    Sorry, but I just can’t deal with the 5-o’clock-shadow stubble. Either grow a beard or shave it off; the middle ground is no option, especially in historical portrayals.

  2. Boxermom

    Shakespeare in Love, FTW! He was also in this interesting show on ABC called Flash Forward; pity it was only on for one season. :)

    • JLou

      I totally forgot about Flashforward! It was full of the hottest of the hotties — Joseph Fiennes, Courtney B. Vance, Jack Davenport, John Cho, Michael Ealy, even Dominic Monaghan for those who appreciate hobbitty hotness.

      As for the subject at hand, definitely Shakespeare in Love. And Elizabeth. I’m not sure I’ve seen any of the others, but I will have to start searching!

        • Lily Lotus Rose

          I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Flash Forward. It was a GREAT series and deserved one than one season. I’m salivating at the memory of Ralph Fiennes and the other hotties, especially John Cho!!! P.S. I’m stealing the phrase “hobbity-hotness.” And yes, Dominic Monaghan was a total cutie in the show.

  3. Michael McQuown

    Seen only about half, but I’ll go for Shakespeare In Love., with Danilov a close second.

  4. Susan Pola Staples

    Shakespeare in Love but where did you find Wings of Eagles?

  5. Natasha Rubin

    It’s interesting. I don’t want to say he’s a one-note actor, because his performance in The Handmaid’s Tale is totally different, but I feel like in all the period roles I’ve seen him in – Elizabeth, Shakespeare in Love, even The Merchant of Venice – he was basically doing the same performance. Not a bad performance by any means, but it definitely felt like variations on the same theme.

    Maybe he suffered a bit from typecasting at first?

  6. SarahV

    That Camelot series was watchable only for the divinely goth costumes of Eva Green in the role she was born to play.

    Raven feathers! black leather! chain mail. Plate armor corsetry! I die.

    • Lily Lotus Rose

      I really got into this version of Camelot and wished it had gone on for more than one season. Yes, Eva Green was awesome and beautiful as usual. But the supporting cast was strong as well, especially Joseph Fiennes. And let’s not forget James Purefoy’s GORGEOUS arc as King Lot.

  7. Lily Lotus Rose

    It’s so hard to answer your question! It’s a kinda three-way-tie Shakespeare in Love, Elizabeth, and Enemy at the Gates.

    P.S. He’s not the villain in Enemy at the Gates. And also, Jude Law is in one of the sweetest scenes in movie history in that movie. Even for people who are not into WWII movies, I highly recommend it.