MCM: Jamie Dornan


He was a Calvin Klein model and he made all those Fifty Shades of dreck movies, so he has Hollywood bona fides as a hottie. But for our purposes, he’ll always be Fersen fucking the Queen in Coppola’s Marie Antoinette! And more recently, Kenneth Branagh‘s dad. Belfast-born Jamie Dornan is a pretty good actor in frock flicks, and I hope he does more of them.



Count Axel Fersen in Marie Antoinette (2006)

Jamie Dornan - Marie Antoinette (2006)

Meet cute at the masquerade!

Jamie Dornan - Marie Antoinette (2006)



Joe in Shadows in the Sun (2009)

Jamie Dornan - Shadows in the Sun (2009)

A “mysterious young loner” who befriends an ailing grandmother, set in the 1960s.


Jan Kubis in Anthropoid (2016)

Jamie Dornan - Anthropoid (2016)

About a WWII mission to assassinate an SS general. Dornan said of this role: “I feel that Jan Kubis is the closest character to myself that I’ve played.”


Patrick Quinlan in The Siege of Jadotville (2016)

Jamie Dornan - The Siege of Jadotville (2016)

As an Irish commandant leading in the Congo during the early 1960s.


Will Tillman in Robin Hood (2018)

Jamie Dornan - Robin Hood (2018)

The Robin Hood remake nobody wanted. Sorry!


Liam Ward in Death and Nightingales (2018)

Jamie Dornan - Death and Nightingales (2018)

Beardy in the 1880s Irish countryside.


Pa in Belfast (2021)

Jamie Dornan - Belfast (2021)

Who’s your daddy?



What’s your favorite frock flick role of Jamie Dornan’s?


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11 Responses

  1. Roxana

    Nothing in that Robin Hood image says 12th century. Was it set in modern times?

    • hsc

      Yes and no, apparently. Wikipedia: “It is a quasi-contemporary retelling of the Robin Hood legend, and follows his training by John to steal from the Sheriff of Nottingham.”

      IOW, throw a lot of presumed “cool shit” at a movie screen and see if it will bring fanboys to a theater.

      (Answer: Hell, NEWP– it couldn’t even make back its production costs.)

  2. M.E. Lawrence

    Extraordinary how many films and series get made but under-seen (especially during the last few years, of course). I’m still trying to find “Come Away.”

    • Heather Ripley

      Yum. He was HOT in Death and Nightingales tho not the most likeable character.

  3. Kathleen Norvell

    He was wonderful in “Belfast.” I didn’t recognize him. I’d seen the contemporary series “The Fall” with him and Gillian Anderson and I hated his acting. When I saw “Belfast,” not recognizing him, I was very impressed.

  4. Gray

    Is he wearing jeans and a pea-coat in “Robin Hood”???

  5. Karen K.

    I’ve only seen Belfast which I loved, and Marie Antoinette, which was so long ago I didn’t even know he was in it! Must go back and rewatch it.

    • SarahV

      I remember crushing hard on that charming Swedish (?) officer in that scene and I am astounded to learn that was HIM. I get, Marie A., I totally totally get it.

  6. Joni

    He plays all these serious roles, I was really surprised to watch Barb and Star (not a frock flick, though the costuming is delightful) and find out he does a great job with comedy as well.

    Also, his ass belongs in a museum. That is all.

  7. Lily Lotus Rose

    I haven’t seen any of these and barely know his work at all. (Yes, I think I’m the only person on the planet who has never seen Marie Antoinette.) As far as his appearance, I find him intermittently appealing.