MCM: James Purefoy


Reasons to love James Purefoy:


2004 Vanity Fair

James Purefoy in “Vanity Fair”

2) He looks damn good in tightly fitted Regency attire.

This Charming Man: Beau Brummell (2008)

James Purefoy in Beau Brummell |

This Charming Man: Beau Brummell (2008)

James Purefoy in Beau Brummell |

3) He owned Rome with his snarky, cocky performance of Mark Antony.

Rome (2005-07)

James Purefoy in Rome |

4) He rocks eyeliner.

Rome (2005-07)

James Purefoy in Rome |

5) He can flirt and spar with the best of them:

You’re welcome.


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5 Responses

  1. Marianne

    Can anyone recommend some video footage of that swagger? (as in ‘such’ scene) It’s only for research for historical dancing styles, honest! ;)

  2. clara

    Oh just found this post about one of my favourite men!
    But really, James as Beau Brummell is a delight. Specially those dressing scenes, damnnnnnnnn…. And yep, his Mark Antony still gives me quite the naughty dreams… ahem, what was I saying?