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Harry Lloyd has had a pretty solid frock flick career for the last 20 years. So today we are going to celebrate his historical costume flicks!



David Copperfield (1999)

Harry Lloyd in David Copperfield (1999-2000)

Fun fact: Harry Lloyd is Charles Dickens’ great-great-great grandson. Acting in Dickens adaptations will become something of a theme for him, but his first role was as Young Steeforth in this miniseries, which also starred a pre-Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe.


Robin Hood (2006-09)

Harry Lloyd in Robin Hood (2006-2009)

Harry Lloyd plays Will Scarlet in this questionable “reimagining” of the classic Robin Hood tale. Seriously, the costumes were all sorts of WTFrock.


Doctor Who: The Family of Blood & Human Nature (2007)

Harry Lloyd in Doctor Who: Family of Blood (2007)

Probably one of my favorite episodes of the Tenth Doctor arc. Harry Lloyd plays the utterly creepy Jeremy Baines in this two-parter, set in the early 20th century.


Heroes and Villains (2007-08)

Harry Lloyd in Heroes and Villains (2007-2008)

Harry Lloyd plays Lucas, who is somehow involved with Richard the Lionheart in this miniseries that dramatizes the lives of different historical “heroes”. (I haven’t seen this show yet, so I’m not sure how his character factors in).


The Devil’s Whore (2008)

Harry Lloyd in The Devil's Whore (2008)

WHERE HAS THIS FILM BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE??? Seriously, Harry Lloyd is at peak period pretty boy in this movie, and I can’t believe I’ve never seen it! Kendra reviewed it a while back, thankfully.


Jane Eyre (2011)

2011 Jane Eyre


The Iron Lady (2011)

Harry Lloyd in The Iron Lady (2011)

A biopic about Margaret Thatcher, starring Meryl Streep as the older Thatcher. Harry Lloyd plays the young Denis Thatcher, Maggie’s husband, in flashbacks.


Great Expectations (2011)

Harry Lloyd in Great Expectations (2012-2016)

This is the second Charles Dickens adaptation to feature Lloyd, who plays Herbert Pocket, Pip’s friend and tutor in the gentlemanly arts.


The Hollow Crown (2012)

Harry Lloyd in The Hollow Crown (2012-2016)

Harry Lloyd plays Sir Edmund Mortimer in Henry IV, Part 1, one of the significant players in Henry V’s reign.


Closer to the Moon (2014)

Harry Lloyd in Closer to the Moon (2014)

Closer to the Moon is a film about the events surrounding a bank heist perpetrated by the Iaonid Gang in post-war Bucharest. The Gang uses a ruse of filming a movie to pull off the heist but eventually are captured and convicted. Lloyd plays Virgil, a witness to the original heist who eventually becomes a cameraman himself and becomes wrapped up in the subsequent events affecting the Gang and the lives of those around them.


The Theory of Everything (2014)

Harry Lloyd in The Theory of Everything (2014)

I watched this movie years ago and intended to recap it for the website, but I guess I never managed to get around to it. At any rate, it’s a good flick! Harry Lloyd plays Brian, Stephen Hawkings’ roommate at Cambridge.


Wolf Hall (2015)

Harry Lloyd in Wolf Hall (2015)

Such a great miniseries, I really wish we would get a second installment! Harry Lloyd plays Henry Percy, the ill-suited suitor to Anne Boleyn before Henry VIII arrives on the scene to disrupt everything. He’s only in a handful of scenes, unfortunately, and none of his costumes are particularly good.


Manhattan (2014-15)

Harry Lloyd in Manhattan (2014-2015)

Harry Lloyd plays British scientist Paul Crosley, one of the people involved in the Manhattan Project.


Anthropoid (2016)

Harry Lloyd in Anthropoid (2016)

A film about the assassination of high-ranking SS officer Reinhard Heydrich which spurs the mass murder of 5,000 Czechs and Slovaks in retaliation. Harry Lloyd plays Adolf Opálka, a Czechoslovak soldier and one of the participants in Operation Anthropoid.


The Lost King (2022)

Harry Lloyd in The Lost King (2022)

This film is set to come out soon, and when it is available over here in the States, you know I’ll be the first in line to watch it! Read our interview with Ninya Mikhaila for more info about it!



What’s your favorite historical costume role played by Harry Lloyd? Share it with us in the comments!

8 Responses

  1. Coco

    This might be too fantasy, but didn’t he also play Dany’s brother on ‘Game of Thrones?’

  2. Lily Lotus Rose

    He is very attractive, and he has such a FrockFlicks look. Have he and Ben Whishaw ever played brothers? He also reminds me of Henry LLoyd-Hughes. Any relation? I would love to see them together. Closer to the Moon was such a weird little film. Whenever He’s a good actor, and I’d like to see him in more FF roles. I think he’d make a good elf. Good MCM choice.

  3. florenceandtheai

    He took a while to grow on me (he’s very nostril-y) but I loved the Family of Blood Dr. Who episodes. I finally started to appreciate him when he humanized the dumpster fire character that was Viserys (I know, not a FF). It was a brief scene where he’s in a bathtub, talking to Jorah or whoever his bedpartner was that episode, and he realizes that Dany is truly a natural born ruler and he just isn’t. The people love her, and tolerate him for her sake. Then he gets “gilded” and it all goes down hill. We don’t talk about Season 8.

  4. Janet

    I’m giddy with anticipation for the release of “The Lost King” here in The Netherlands. I’ve had that first movie-still (of Richard III and some of his armoured knights) of the Stephen Frears film on my phone for more than a year now. As I followed several of the Armour & Medeival Artisans & real life Jousters on social media: I been waiting for forever it seems. I bet Harry Lloyd will be good in this role.
    He does really well in Historical Dramas.
    And I think his performance in 2008 “The Devil’s Whore (Mistress)” was really spellbinding. In 2011 “Jane Eyre” he played Bertha Mason’s good-for-nothing brother: Richard, who almost gets fatally wounded (bitten) by Bertha. Which really brings the looser/wimp out in Richard Mason 😅.

    I found a vage picture of him as Richard Mason. But don’t know how to share it here😔.
    So I’m sharing a link to a YouTube clip of one of his small scenes from that particular movie.
    Hope it works ✌🏻


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