MCM: David Bamber


Like many Americans of my generation, my first real introduction to David Bamber came via the BBC’s perpetually perfect Pride and Prejudice (1995), in which he played the smarmy distant cousin and would-be suitor of Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Collins. Since then, Bamber made it into an array of historical flicks, usually playing one of three types of characters: the smug little shit, the greasy sleazeball, or the weirdo comic relief. But despite the fact that he more often than not is cast as some flavor of prat, David Bamber remains one of my favorite frock flick actors, and as such, I am forcing you all to celebrate his career with me.


Poirot, “The Double Clue” (1991)


Pride and Prejudice (1995)


Heavy Weather (1995)


The Railway Children (2000)


Daniel Deronda (2002)


I Capture the Castle (2003)


Miss Potter (2006)


Rome (2005-2007)


Valkyrie (2008)


The King’s Speech (2010)


The Borgias (2011)


The Hollow Crown, “Henry IV, Part 2” (2012)


The Paradise (2012)


Doctor Who, “Mummy on the Orient Express” (2014)


Plebs (2016)


Victoria (2016)


Medici (2016)


Do you have a soft spot for David Bamber? Share your favorite films in the comments!

18 Responses

  1. Sara

    I first realized who he was in Rome and now am a diehard fan. Thanks for capturing his work in many movies and shows I haven’t seen before.

  2. SaucyMalra

    He is cast as a prat most of time, which I do enjoy – but I loved his more sweet portrayal of Victoria’s Uncle, Prince Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex.

  3. Lynelle

    He’s also in an episode of Father Brown where, despite the ending, I rather liked him and felt very sorry for his character.

  4. crypticmirror

    I thought he did very well in Season 7 of Call the Midwife where he played an ageing gay man whose partner was succumbing to Alzhiemers. He really did well with portraying the grief that comes with a partners declining health and having to try and hide it and their relationship due to the legal situation of the time. Very well acted all around, I thought.

    • SaucyMarla

      I’d forgotten about that episode! I thought the same.

  5. M.E. Lawrence

    Gosh, D.B. looks kind of cool/distinguished/attractive in “The Borgias.” But, then, everyone looked great in “The Borgias,” the series that sealed my…feelings for Jeremy Irons.

  6. MrsC (Maryanne)

    Love him the most! He is always in an out of Midsomer Murders and is always excellent. Funny you should include Plebs as I only just discovered it via watching Green wing and seeing what else Dr Martin Dear was in. I’ve watched 4 episodes on Youtube and it’s so bad it’s good!

  7. Alys Mackyntoich

    Wow! He’s in so many things that I’ve seen, but I never recognized him. The mark of a good actor. He was and always will be the perfect Mr. Collins, however.

  8. Mary L Pagones

    Oh my goodness, I am a HUGE David Bamber fan. He’s such an extraordinary actor and played so many different roles, I almost think it’s resulted in him not being quite as well known as he ought to be. He was the best Antonio I’ve ever seen in Trevor Nunn’s The Merchant of Venice. He’s also quite an attractive man when he’s not made up to look like, well, Mr. Collins.

  9. Lee Jones

    Aside from “Pride and Prejudice” of course, I also remember David Bamber from “Daniel Deronda” and “Valkyrie”.

  10. Damnitz

    I think that he is one of the best actors of his generation in historical films. I think that his appearances in “Rome” as Cicero and in “Pride and Prejudice” are his masterpieces. I would say that I’m a fan of him. It was always nice to recognize him in a film. He was great in “Midsomer Murders” too (in the 2 earlier episodes – don’t like the production without Nettles).
    It would be nice if you would do something similar for Benjamin Withrow and Brian Blessed – two more favourites of mine.


  11. jayoungr

    I personally am NOT a fan of his Mr. Collins–Malcolm Rennie from 1978 all the way!–but he was absolute perfection as Pilbeam in “Heavy Weather.”