MCM: Colin Morgan


He’s just a baby. He has a short acting resume with just a few costume drama credits. But he’s pretty, and sometimes, that’s all we ask for on another Monday morning here in quarantine. So we give you Northern Irish vegetarian actor Colin Morgan as a little distraction today.


Merlin in Merlin (2008-2012)

Colin Morgan, Merlin (2008-2012)

OK, it’s not historical, it’s that vaguely medieval fantasy thing, & I always get it confused with Camelot (2011). But most folks know Colin Morgan from this, as it was his first big starring role.

Colin Morgan, Merlin (2008-2012)


Jimmy Minor in Quirke (2014)

Colin Morgan, Quirke (2014)

A small role in this 1950s crime drama.

Colin Morgan, Quirke (2014)


Ariel in The Tempest (2014)

Colin Morgan, The Tempest (2014)

This is a filmed version of a Globe Theatre production, where Colin Morgan plays the magical sprite, & I am loving this costume.

Colin Morgan, The Tempest (2014)


Victor Richardson in Testament of Youth (2014)

Colin Morgan, Testament of Youth (2014)

Surprised none of us got around to reviewing this WWI drama from the Beeb, since it also features Kit Harrington, Alicia Vikander, Dominic West, Emily Watson, & Miranda Richardson.

Colin Morgan, Testament of Youth (2014)


Frank Shea in Legend (2014)

Colin Morgan, Legend (2014)

Also surprised that Kendra hasn’t reviewed this flick about 1960s twin gangsters both played by her boyfriend Tom Hardy. He & Colin Morgan both look slick in their mod wardrobes.

Colin Morgan, Legend (2014)


Nathan Appleby in The Living and the Dead (2016)

The Living and the Dead (2016)

OK, this Victorian horror story is a little cheesy, but…

Colin Morgan, The Living and the Dead (2016)


Alfred Bosie Douglas in The Happy Prince (2018)

The Happy Prince (2018)


The Happy Prince (2018)


The Happy Prince (2018)



Chris Keller in National Theatre Live: All My Sons (2019)

Colin Morgan, National Theatre Live - All My Sons (2019)

Another filmed theater performance, this one of Arthur Miller’s 1940s play.


John Armstrong in The Crown, “Bubbikins” (2019)

Colin Morgan, The Crown, (2019)

In the recent season of this series, set in the 1960s, Colin Morgan played a journalist who interviews Princess Alice.



Have you noticed how pretty Colin Morgan is in the few historical costume movie and TV roles he’s done?

40 Responses

  1. Shashwat

    He was lovely playing the role of Ariel in “The Tempest”,as far as his acting was concerned.But I didn’t like the characterisation of Ariel in this adaptation because of how different it was from the text.They made his scenes with Prospero way too sarcastic and funny,which is not how I imagine him to be.It felt less like Ariel and Prospero,more like Aladdin and Genie but the acting was wonderful.

    • Danuta

      Not all the scenes, though. I loved the moment where the comedy suddenly broke and Ariel asked “do you love me, master?” Such a sudden poignancy, reminding us that, after all, Ariel is ALSO Prospero’s slave, just as Caliban is, though he wishes he was more like his child.

  2. Colleen

    I loved Colin in The Living and the Dead. I wished it had been just a bit more spooky, but it was great. Also, he was fantastic in The Happy Prince.

  3. SarahV

    He looks a liiiiiiiiitle like Cillian Murphy. Or perhaps like he could be Cillian Murphy’s little brother. The Skipper to his Barbie, if you will.

    • M.E. Lawrence

      That was my first thought, too–just a little thinner in the face. He had precisely the right look for Alfred Douglas: classically beautiful with a touch of perversity. How bad/good is the Merlin series? And has anyone seen “Merlin of the Crystal Cave,” based on Mary Stewart’s trilogy and–from what I could see of the terrible video transfer–quite good?

      • Danuta

        The first seasons of “Merlin” are dedicated to younger viewers mostly, and the CGI is very 2008-low budget, but the acting, especially Morgan’s, is great, and the characters stay with you for life (they did for me).

  4. mmcquown

    All I’ve seen him in is “Merlin,” and I was far more interested in Morgan LeFay. (Now on the small screen as Lena Luthor in “Supergirl.”

  5. Me

    Legend was tuuurible and Hardy is like my boyfriend and stuff. And I adore Emily Browning so yeah.

  6. Laura

    Have you seen Testament Of Youth ? I cried so much watching it, It’s a great movie but i coul’nt bear to see it again !

  7. LadySlippers

    Testament of Youth is definitely a movie well worth your time. The actors and actresses were ever so good (including Colin). The costumes are excellent. But mostly, it’s wonderful to see a war movie from a viewpoint other than a male one.

  8. Van

    In the Happy Prince, I honestly thought he was trying to channel Paul McGann…

  9. Kathleen Julie Norvell

    I haven’t seen him in anything, but OMG, he is pretty!

  10. Lily Lotus Rose

    I’ve seen him in Merlin, Legend, and The Crown. I didn’t register him as good-looking until Legend and The Crown. Those pictures from The Tempest look amazing. Also, he looks striking in as a blond in the pics from The Happy Prince.

  11. Bee

    Colin is multitalented and wonderfully skilled. His depth of acting in Merlin alone brought me to tears more than once. Similarly, his character in The Living And The Dead did as well.
    I’ve seen most of his work and he never disappoints. He also did a film entitled Parked and a short film to raise awareness about suicide entitled The Laughing King.
    He’s more than a beautiful face on so many levels.

  12. Dhanushika

    I love Colin Morgan…..Merlin is my favourite TV show.I’m still watching it.

  13. Em

    Came here after your link was pointed out to me by a friend. Was horrified to read you think he has a “short acting resume” like he’s some second-rate, bit part actor when he is actually one of the hardest working and talented actors in the UK.

    I understand that much of his work doesn’t fall into the category of mainstream period drama, but it seems dismissive to make it sound like the above list is all he’s done when his career is actually quite diverse.

    In addition to what you mentioned, on TV he also spent 2 seasons as a returning character on crime drama The Fall, & 3 seasons as a main character on sci-fi drama Humans.

    He had a starring role in 4 other indie films: Parked, Island, Waiting for You & Benjamin.

    Not to mention he’s done a slew of radio plays (Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens & Norse Mythology to name a couple) & other audio work.

    He’s also a very talented live theatre performer, with starring roles in 6 critically acclaimed London/West End plays in the last 7 years. He is a current Olivier Award nominee for his role in All My Sons, which you mentioned above.

    Yes, he’s quite pretty to look at, but please give credit where credit is due: Colin Morgan has been working non-stop since 2007.

    • Tara Garrett

      Literally came here to say exactly this. This was some condescending bull. Like, Colin Morgan works endlessly at his craft and has one of the more impressive resumes I’ve seen! He’s constantly busy with something and this article made it sound like, oh he hasn’t done much but he’s pretty so that’s something. I’m angry on behalf of Colin.

  14. IP

    Ah see him in Benjamin. I don’t know how many times I saw the film. He is mesmerising in there..

  15. Lynne

    I thought his acting in Merlin was fantastic, so full of emotion. I cried when it ended and I’ve never done that before.

    • Anne Mercy

      MERLIN, the first time i saw and watched him. Instantly i loved him. His acting was great. And yeah I cried when it ended, i didn’t have enough of him. So i searched him and watched a few clips, again.The combination of HIM AND BRADLY ,was i thought, perfect….

  16. This one Person

    He was also Jethro in the series 4 episode of Doctor Who titled Midnight.
    Rockin a semi-Goth look. 👌

  17. Carmelo Romanjr

    This is my prediction for Colin Morgan in the near future. He was a great actor in a series of Marlin. Now I see him as the next future Superman. Mark my words this is my prediction for Colin Morgan he will be the next Superman

  18. Jason Marks

    He’s a great actor, though you can see clearly he had an “ear job” in 2017 to rein in the dumbo ears.

    • Em

      Wow, that was incredibly harsh. I sincerely hope people do not speak about your lesser attractive qualities in the manner in which you spoke of the ears of a complete stranger.

      (And it was 2015, not 2017…)

  19. KMS

    Growing up, Merlin was one of my favorite shows and I had the biggest crush on Colin. His performance in Testament of Youth was heartbreaking and I was happy to see him on the Crown! Also, not a costume role, but he was fabulous as Leo in Humans.

  20. Liz Myrick

    I love him! I don’t think the Living and the Dead was cheesy at all though. One of the most overlooked shows of the decade imo, and a shame there was no Series 2.

  21. spanielpatter14

    I remember being delightfully surprised when he turned up in a small role in “The Crown” in its 3rd season – Morgan did a lot with the script he was given and was totally credible and effective in his scenes.