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I’m sure Antonio Banderas is a very nice man. He’s probably deep and introspective, gentle with children and small animals, and has a fascinating life. He’s been active with charities and vocal about issues in Spanish politics. But HOT DAMN he is one sexy beast! I see him in a flick and just need to know when the shagging starts. That voice, those eyes, those hands, that bod! *Fans self* I’m so very happy he was born on this day, August 10, in 1960.

For this Man Candy Monday, let’s look at a few historical costume movies featuring Antonio Banderas. Especially the ones where the costumes are optional.


Interview With the Vampire (1994)

This old-school Anne Rice fan doesn’t give a fig that Antonio Banderas looks nothing like Armand as described in the Vampire Chronicles books (hell, I reviewed The Vampire Armand back when I worked at the local newspaper). Banderas is dead sexy here, making for Brad Pitt’s most appealing love interest on screen.

Antonio Bandaras

Those eyes!

Antonio Bandaras

Pick me, pick me!

Antonio Bandaras

Every one’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.


Evita (1996)

I know it’s a sin against music and musical theater to admit you like Andrew Lloyd Weber, but I do, and even worse, I liked this movie adaption of his show. Madonna’s ego suited the part of Eva Peron. Also, tango with Antonio Banderas as the nebulous narrator character Che (not Che Guevara)? Yes please!

Antonio Bandaras

Serious Antonio is serious.

Antonio Bandaras

Those moves!


The Mask of Zorro (1998)

Cartoony fun with swashbuckling Antonio Banderas! It’s like the historical PG-13 version of 1995’s El Mariachi (in which, Antonio Banderas, is also, wow, so, so hot — I’m not usually in for the blood-ballet thing, but that one, I’ll take it).

Antonio Bandaras

The man in black.


Original Sin (2001)

Kendra swears they’re wearing historical costumes in this movie, but I pretty much just watch a few, certain scenes, over and over again. Ehem.

Antonio Bandaras

I think we all need more of this in our lives.

Antonio Bandaras

I want to PhotoShop myself into this bath over Angelina Jolie.

Antonio Bandaras

Cleanliness is next to…

Antonio Bandaras

I need a cigarette too.

Antonio Bandaras

What I wouldn’t have given to be a Key Grip on this set.


The Legend of Zorro (2005)

I think I watched this once on cable. I don’t know. He’s gorgeous, everything else is WTF.

Antonio Bandaras

The man in black is back.

Antonio Bandaras

Gawd, I want him. But I have no idea what’s going on with her or her costume.


Apparently,  Antonio Banderas is currently making a historical costume movie set in 1879 Spain. It’s called Altamira and looks kind of gritty. Maybe he’ll clean up and take his shirt off.

Antonio Bandaras

Who’s your daddy?



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4 Responses

  1. Ang

    I’m surprised you forgot 13th Warrior. Accuracy? What accuracy? Banderas has a butt and I really don’t know what the movie is about at all.

  2. Michael L. McQuown

    You ladies make a fellow blush, so I won’t go on about Catherine Zeta-Jones. It’s not a period piece, but Senor Banderas has a lot of action in “Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever,” where he fights against, then with, Lucy Liu. But nobody takes off any clothes, so…

  3. Sarah F

    I LOVE Antonio. I will admit that often, when I see pictures of him, I hear part of that old SNL sketch in my head- the one where he (i.e. someone pretending to be him) is hosting his own tv show and begins to take of his shirt, and the band cries “No! No, it is TOO SEXY!!” then there is a pause, and *fake* Antonio goes “But I must.” That is how I think of him- he’s almost too sexy to look at…but I MUST.