MCM: Alexander Skarsgård


Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård — son of Stellan — is quickly starting to rack up the frock flick credits. He’s known for his abs, but hey, if he wants to bring those into historical movies and TV shows, I’m all for it!


Ake and His World (1984)

What appears to be a sad story about a struggling family in the 1920s. Skarsgård plays the central character, six-year-old Ake.

1984 Ake and His World

That’s him on the left.


The Last Drop (2006)

A British-Romanian World War II film. Skarsgård plays a “renegade” German soldier.

2006 The Last Drop

With floppy hair!

2006 The Last Drop

Keepin’ it casual.


Drunk History (2016)

He’s in one episode, called “Heroines,” which includes Mandy Moore as Civil War nurse Clara Barton.

2016 Drunk History

Going VERY beardy!

2016 Drunk History

I think he’s a doctor, hence the bloody hand.


The Legend of Tarzan (2016)

As the legendary man raised by apes in Africa, who then meets up with some English people. This version appears to be set in the late 1880s or early 1890s. I’ve never seen it, but I need to, because I will never forget the joy of the greatest movie review ever courtesy of Emily Writes:

“At one point he comes up behind whoever the actress was and I let out this like guttural noise like I was dying and the guy next to me gave me a filth look and I was like fuck you what are you even doing here. Alexander Skarsgard is Tarzan and he belongs to the women of the world.”

2016 The Legend of Tarzan

The legendary V!

2016 The Legend of Tarzan

Cleaned up and back in England, I presume?

2016 The Legend of Tarzan

But we all know the V is under there.


The Aftermath (2019)

I was surprised to enjoy him as a German trying to survive just-past-World War II while hooking up with Keira Knightley.

2019 The Aftermath

He’s sort of professorial.

2019 The Aftermath


2019 The Aftermath

How could you not make out with a hottie in that great sweater?


Passing (2021)

He plays the white husband of a white-passing Black woman in this 1920s drama.

2021 Passing

Filmed in black & white.

2021 Passing

Behind the scenes.

2021 Passing

Netflix © 2021


The Northman (2022)

Sarah raved about the costumes in this Viking/Norse action/thriller film set in 895 CE. I’m interested, although I’m wondering if it’s more hacking than I’m up for?

2022 the Northman

I’m sure I would enjoy those abs if they weren’t so bloody!

2022 the Northman

He also needs a deep condition | Credit: Aidan Monaghan / © 2022 Focus Features, LLC

2022 the Northman

Going full beserker?

2022 the Northman

Holy crap, clothes!

2022 the Northman

More clothes! I do like the floppy hair and beard, and those are some good shoes.

What’s your favorite of Alexander Skarsgård’s frock flick roles?


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13 Responses

  1. Kat

    He also had some good period costume moments in True Blood; though some of them do involve him in Nazi uniforms so your mileage may vary. Also too late for the site rules but he manages to make 1970s men’s clothing look very good (flared collars and all) in the Little Drummer Girl with Florence Pugh.

    • susan

      Kat, I adore Le Carre but felt Drummer Girl was a potboiler. Ditto the terrible movie with blech, Diane Keaton. How is this version? I do believe a good movie version can always redeem a bad book. Thanks. (Kendra, hope this brief hijack is kosher with you!).

      • Kat

        It’s definitely not as strong as someone of his other works (if the source material is lacking somewhat, I always feel adaptations have an uphill battle). But even though I was not a fan of Florence Pugh in Little Women, she sells Charlie’s naivete well (without coming across so naive that you’re left cursing at the screen at all her dumb choices). And of course Skarsgard puts in a solid performance, as does Michael Shannon. Plus the costumes are believably 1970s on the cusp of 1980s without looking like a) a 2000s interpretation of what people in the 1970s wore or b) the most garish fashion from the time the costume designer could find. In particular Florence gets some very nice kaftan-adjacent evening wear.

        • Kat

          Also forgot, the director is Park Chan-wook who has done some great detective dramas so he really knows how to depict realistic spycraft onscreen without making it seem too flashy or Sherlock-adjacent.

  2. Gina

    Thank you for the link to that review. That girl speaks for us all ♥️

  3. M.E. Lawrence

    He not only reads, he looks cute in glasses, and isn’t a bad actor, either.

  4. Lily Lotus Rose

    OH MY GOD—————-When it comes to this man…..there are NO WORDS. But I will try to find a few for this response. HELL YES to him and his abs in—anything–Frock Flick, toothpaste commercial, you name it. He IS a good actor, not only yummy to look at. As to your Tarzan comment about, “We know the V is underneath the clothes,” I thought, “Yes, and it’s highlighted by the inverted V in his costume!!” And re the last picture–I think that’s from a photo shoot he did for British GQ or something. (Don’t ask me how/why I know this….) Once again….HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Saraquill

    That poor man. How long did he have to go without water to showcase those abs and V? Prepping for and shooting those topless scenes must have been awful.

  6. Roxana

    He’s got a lovely face too 😍 Pity to cover it with whiskers. I’ve got a thing for chin dimples.

  7. Sarah F

    Thanks for that review link- solid gold.
    I really enjoyed the clothing in The Northman (and that everyone was clean, for the most part) but if you are worried about violence I would say stear clear- there was an extended scene in the first half of the movie that was just brutal (including murder of children) and my partner fast-forwarded it once I started crying. So just… yeah. ALL the content warnings for that one.

    • SarahV

      yes, but that fight scene at the end more than makes up for it ;)