SNARK WEEK: Man-Ick Monday – Top Five Mr. Collinses


Here, for your consideration, are the top five portrayals of one of the smarmiest young men ever to have graced English literature. I am referring, of course, to none other than Pride and Prejudice’s own Mr Collins, the distant cousin of the Bennetts who manages to mansplain his way into offending every female sensibility possible. Even 150 years later, this character is as relatable and repugnant to modern women as ever.

I am also limiting this to the top five portrayals of this iconic shitlord because there’s no way in hell that I’m listing all 100+ film adaptations of Pride and Prejudice. Ain’t nobody got time for that, especially for the much-loathed Mr. Collins.



May the best (worst) man win!



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Sarah Lorraine

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22 Responses

  1. Kendra

    I voted for David Bamber, but the Mr. Collins in “Lost in Austen” takes the cake! HE FONDLES HIS BALLS THROUGH HIS POCKET.

  2. Charity


    I actually really LOVED Matt Smith’s Collins and… I’m not sure that’s how it’s supposed to work. He was so, so hilarious.

    • Karen K.

      I had no idea there were that many P&P adaptations. More than 100 Mr. Collinses. . . it boggles the mind!

  3. Liz Merrick

    I’m prejudiced here because the 1995 was my first one, right after reading the novel, and he’s sooo perfect (except Collins is supposed to be young, not that it really matters, everyone was aged up). Bamber also played a smarmy Cicero in Rome- he’s been in a lot of great character parts. Matt Smith is WAY too attractive though I adored the casting in P&P&Z (Lily James and Sam Riley were my favorite Eliza and Darcy ever.) I think Mr. Collins should have given Mary a chance!

  4. Ellen Mason

    Malcolm Rennie by far is the best Mr. Collins I have ever seen. He is the only actor who makes the character a plausible human being and not just a caricature. Bamber is the worst, but I blame the director for that; the director should have been reining Bamber in.

  5. Teresa Gadda

    I loved Nitin Ganatra as Kholi Saab in Bride and Prejudice. The scene of him on his round bed about made me die laughing.

  6. Mr Elton

    David Bamber nails it! It’s also very fun to dance ’The Other Way, Mr Collins!’ (or ’Shrewsbury lasses’.)
    Matt Smith was completely different but surprisingly good.

    • Mary L Pagones

      Like a serial killer who’s going to snap one of these days, and Lady Catherine’s going to end up stuffed into a corner of one of those shelves. Not a fan of 2005 TBH.

  7. Mary L Pagones

    I adore Bamber’s Collins. I watch the “unstudied an air as possible” dinner scene and the proposal over and over again and still laugh out loud. I actually think his portrayal improved upon Jane Austen’s Collins a bit. Rather than Collins being cold, you get the feeling he’s very socially inept and constantly and painfully overcompensating for that fact. His Collins really believes that he and Charlotte were designed for each other and she married him because she thought he was a catch. It’s funny and sad all at once.

    Matt Smith was hot as hell. Fun to watch but his Collins wouldn’t work in a straight-up P&P. Wasn’t crazy about PP&Z and I wish the entire film had just been him fighting zombies with Lady Catherine.

  8. Anne

    I’ll choose David Bamber, of course, but Matt Smith in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies isn’t even an option? He did a great job- ridiculous at first, but nearer the end almost menacing, a petty tyrant.

  9. kt

    I loved Melville Cooper – he even had his own theme tune! Hilariously self-satisfied and bumbling.