Gifts for Your Favorite Frock Flicker


It’s that time of year when every blog has a gift guide, so why should we be any exception? Here are eight suggested holiday gifts, enough for each night of Hanukkah or a variety of Christmas presents or some super Solstice stuff or just treat yo’self. We don’t make money off these links (except the first one), we’re just sharing ideas here — add your best holiday gifts for the historical costume movie fan in the comments below!


Frock Flicks T-Shirt, $24.99-$38.99

Frock Flicks T-Shirt

Outfit your favorite snarker in style with a T-shirt proudly displaying one of our witty slogans. Choose from “Frock You,” “Please Snark Responsibly,” “What the Frock?!?” and the classic, “There Are No Spoilers in History,” or for the ladies, “I don’t care if it’s historically accurate, I just want my tits out.” Shirts are available in sizes small to 5x, women’s and men’s sizing.


Rhinestone Earrings, $13-$48

Rhinestone Earrings

Our friend at Dames a la Mode makes wonderful jewelry inspired by historical styles, and I especially love her earrings because they are so infinitely wearable with anything, costume or modern clothes. You’ll find a wide range of rhinestone colors, ranging in size from small to long and dangly, and you can select your choice of metal setting. This makes them a great gift, and you can even splurge and add a matching or coordinating necklace.


The Creation of Anne Boleyn: A New Look at England’s Most Notorious Queen by Susan Bordo (2014), $9.99-$11.78

The Creation of Anne Boleyn: A New Look at England’s Most Notorious Queen by Susan Bordo

Reviewed by Kendra here and mused on by Sarah here. It’s on my own “to read” list, and if you know someone who loves the Tudor/Elizabethan period, this is an smart gift too. Help them get a new perspective on Henry’s most famous bride, both the historical figure and the mass-media creation in the years since her execution.  This book is also available in Kindle and Audible versions, if you know folks who’d prefer that.


Vintage Pattern Makeup Bag, $24.99

Vintage Pattern Makeup Bag

Looks like a 1960’s sewing pattern envelope, but it’s actually a faux-leather zippered pouch. The sewist on your gift list wants this, bad. Sure, she could use it for makeup, but she (or he) might as easily use it to stash a seam ripper, thread, and needle to get some stitching done on the morning commute. At actual pattern envelope size, this could even be used as a quirky evening clutch, holding a credit card, lipstick, and key!


Hamilton Original Broadway Cast Recording, $18.99

Hamilton soundtrack

You might know one person who hasn’t been swept up in the Hamilton craze and is wondering what the fuss is all about. Time to indoctrinate them! Besides, the soundtrack (MP3 or CD) is a whole lot cheaper and easier to get than tickets for either NYC or the upcoming touring show. And tell them not to be put off by the idea of a “hip hop Broadway show” — honestly, the music is closer to any classic Broadway show than it is to Dr. Dre or the Wu-Tang Clan. The lyrics are chock-full of history smarts, catchy as hell, and amazingly uplifting.


Lust Reference Book, c. 1450-1660, $5.12

Lust Reference Book, c. 1450-1660

Perhaps you want to drop a hint to a Renfaire hottie. Or you and your honey want to spice things up in the bedroom, but in a ye olde time fashion. This slim pamphlet (just 16 pages!) could be just the thing to start a new conversation. A fine historical reproduction, courtesy of our friends at The Tudor Tailor.


Jane Austen Socks, $12.00

Jane Austen socks

It is a truth universally acknowledged that socks make a reliable holiday present. Give the Janeite in your life these adorbs knee-highs woven with Austenly iconography to tuck inside her boots or peep from under her jeans or petticoats.


Jeeves & Wooster Complete Collection DVD Set, $31.82

Jeeves & Wooster DVD box set

Plenty of DVD box sets would make good gifts for the historical costume movie fan, and those DVDs may come with deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes booklets, and the like. But I chose this one because a) the series is awfully appealing across the board, I don’t know anyone who watches an episode and doesn’t chuckle or literally LOL, and b) the series can be hard to find on streaming services or standard TV, and that’s a crying shame. So save your friends the trouble of hunting it down and just give this box set to everyone who could use a laugh and might enjoy the 1930s ambiance.



What are you giving to the historical costumers on your holiday shopping list?


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4 Responses

  1. Karen K.

    I love the T-shirts from Lithographs — the entire text of a novel on one shirt, with a silhouette of a scene from the book. They’re really beautiful.

  2. Katie

    I personally have a blue box from American Duchess under my tree at this very moment! I know that a gift from there is expensive but they do gift cards!

  3. Susan Pola

    I’ve asked for the Charles James book from the Met and a book on Russian Court Dress, but not Magnificence of the Tsars which I own. (Good photos on men’s court dress)
    I’ve also added two of your tees, so if I don’t get them, I’m ordering after the holidays.