Frocking the Midterms


The Frock Flicks staff has made it no secret that we’re staunch feminists, and we’re no fans of the orange menace occupying the White House right now. So we strongly encourage our fellow Americans to get out there and do your civic duty and vote in today’s midterm elections. A record number of women are on the ballot across our fair land, and the resistance has a chance at taking back Congress. Don’t sit this one out, folks!

As a reminder of why exercising your franchise is critical, check out a few frock flicks that tell the story of how we got here…


John Adams (2008)

One of the more nuanced looks at America’s founding fathers doing that whole revolution thing. Emmy Award-winning on multiple counts, including costume, for good reason.


Iron-Jawed Angels (2004)

Iron Jawed Angels (2004)

80% of our readers are women — and we didn’t get to vote in the U.S. until 1920. In the U.K., some women over 30 got the vote in 1918 and all women over 21 got the vote in 1928. This was a hard-fought battle, so don’t take it lightly that you have the privilege today.


Selma (2014)

Selma (2014)

Of course, just because a law is passed in one era doesn’t mean it’s enforced equally everywhere for everyone. Martin Luther King Jr.’s protests in Selma, Alabama, helped get the Voting Rights Act of 1965 passed to end racial discrimination in the voting process. Unfortunately, key parts of this legislation were struck down by the Supreme Court in 2013.


Milk (2008)

Milk (2008)

Yep, I’m violating my own “if it happened when I was alive, it’s not a frock flick” ban. I vividly remember Harvey Milk’s assassination and the galvanizing affect it had on LGBTQ politics locally. He presciently said, “If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door.” Never forget how easily our civil rights can be ripped away by narrow-minded forces.


Get off the computer and vote today, fellow Americans!


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43 Responses

  1. Susan Pola Staples

    I’ve already voted. And I voted Democrat. Hopefully my Republican brother forgets. My Republican mom didn’t change her address when removed, do she’s not registered. Besides she votes for the anti-abortion candidate, whom she equivocates with the Nazi sexual harasser in the White House.

  2. Kate D

    I voted!

    “In the U.K., some women over 30 got the vote in 1981 and all women over 21 got the vote in 1928.” Did you mean 1918 rather than 1981?

    Women’s voting is insanely recent. As much as I love pre-1920s fashion, I can’t imagine living then and not being able to vote!

  3. Sarah F

    I dress as a suffragette every time I vote. With each passing election, it feels more important to do so.

    • Lynelle

      We vote by mail here in Oregon (dropped off my ballot a couple of weeks ago) but I’ve been considering making myself a suffragist outfit to wear on voting day anyway. It does feel important to mark the day somehow and remind people of how “new” this right is.

    • Kimberly

      I made a rosette in the suffragette colors and wore it when I voted today. And all morning, I have been singing Sister Suffragette from Mary Poppins. They may have tried to paint Mrs. Banks as a silly, foolish woman, but that song means so much to me. Your daughters’ daughters will adore you. Well done, sister suffragettes.

  4. Lisa

    My daughter voted for the first time today. When she finished the packed polling place have her a round of applause. Make Georgia Blue! Go Stacey Abrams and Lisa Ring and for my home state Go Beto!

  5. Saraquill

    There’s a 2008 documentary called “Pray the Devil Back to Hell.” Not at all a frock flick, but very appropriate title and content.

  6. MoHub

    When I was a senior in high school (1969), we had a Swiss exchange student who informed us that women in his country couldn’t vote. Switzerland didn’t give women the vote for another 2 years.

  7. Sam Marchiony

    I voted back in October (early voting for Beto!)

    J’adore Iron-Jawed Angels, even if the presence of Patrick Dempsey’s unnecessary love interest character chafes like a corset without a smock.

  8. Donnalee

    I sent in my absentee ballot last week and am as lefty as I can get, ‘radically’ believing that all people should be treated well and even thatanimals and the environment should be treated well.

  9. JLou

    I voted last week in red West Virginia, doing my best to turn us blue. Don’t count out West Virginia — we are the state that gave the U.S. the teachers’ strike heard ’round the world!

  10. Lady Hermina De Pagan

    I took my 76 year old mother to vote today. I was proudly wearing the pearl earrings and mom was wearing the flag brooch that her grandmother wore to vote in her first election after women were granted the right to vote. Someone in the family have worn these pieces to vote every election day since. When a girl comes of voting age she gets to wear them together to cast her first vote.
    Also, my mother is a rock star. When she got a call by a GOP canvasser, she told them,” I never left the republican party. The republican party of social justice, fiscal responsibility and small government left me a long time ago. I now vote Democrat by default.”

    • JLou

      Your mother rocks! And I love the idea of taking the pieces of jewelry to vote. That kind of history is so important to knowing who we were and are and shall be.

      I took my soon-to-be 95 year-old mother with me. She is a staunch Democrat, but she came from a mixed marriage — her mother was a Republican and her father was a Democrat. I suspect that my grandmother would not recognize today’s Republican party.

    • Lynelle

      That is so beautiful, wearing family heirlooms while voting. I wish my family had a similar sort of tradition.

  11. Martina

    I’m in Massachusetts, one of the bluest blue states, but I’m saying a prayer that women all over our country exercise our power, and keep the “orange menace” from doing any more harm until we can vote him out in 2020.

    • Trystan L. Bass

      MA has Question 3, which I keep hearing about, that could repeal anti-discrimination laws that protect transgender people. If it passes, it could be a bell weather for hate groups across America, so I’m pretty nervous. Fingers crossed!

  12. Martina

    Polls are showing that it will defeated easily…it was a hate group based outside of MA that managed to get it to be on the ballot. We (deservedly) have a rep as a tolerant state.

  13. Leigh Aldrich

    New Zealand is celebrating 125 years since Women got to vote this year. Something we are very proud of.

  14. Kaite Fink

    Michigan voter here! I used an absentee ballot as I’m out of town. It’s amazing! I got to sit on my couch and be comfy while voting. And my cats only chewed a little on the ballot before I stopped them. Michigan passed some pretty great proposals and put a woman in the Governor’s house!

    • Trystan L. Bass

      I usually love going to the polls, but this year voted absentee bec. I’m in the middle of a move. Was worried I might wander into a neighbor’s garage after work & demand a provisional ballot ;)