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Whatcha thinkin’? We want to know a little bit about your interests so we can better plan for the new year. If you want to give us some valuable input, please fill out our Frock Flicks Reader Survey this week only! As an added incentive, if you enter your email address — which is completely optional — you’ll be entered into a random drawing to win a historical costume themed prize pack from some of our sponsors.

Click here to fill out the survey and let us know what you’re interested in! Thanks!


Versailles (2015)


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Trystan L. Bass

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A self-described ElderGoth, Trystan has been haunting the internet since the early 1990s. Always passionate about costume, from everyday office wear to outrageous twisted historical creations, she has maintained some of the earliest online costuming-focused resources on the web. Her costuming adventures are chronicled on her website, TrystanCraft. She also ran a popular fashion blog, This Is CorpGoth, dedicated to her “office drag.”

15 Responses

  1. Al

    something is wrong with the survey, when I try to submit it says one of the questions still needs to be answered (it is answered!).

  2. Christine Redding

    I took the survey, but several of the questions and choices could not let me tell you how it really is. For instance, I have no one or even two favorites historical costume drama eras: my choice for that would be All of the above.

    Also, I read your posts that come to me via my email, several times a week, rather than once or a couple of times. But not every day.

    I’d have liked to have a comment space there as to what things I would like to see. For instance, if you ever reviewed MISS FISHER’S MYSTERIES, I missed it. If you haven’t, it would be lovely if you did!


  3. Bea

    A few notes, clarifying…
    a. I read your posts, but mostly via the RSS feed, not on-site. Whenever I’m complled to reply (more often than not), I click through.
    b. I had much the same problem as Christine Redding: more than two preferred timeframes. Love Ancient but not Medieval, 16th but not 17th, 18th-19th centuries, but not the 20th. There are gaps in my preferences and I couldn’t make that clear. :)

    • Trystan L. Bass

      Ah, I missed RSS but I believe we can gather that info on the backend. And as for historical eras, as I said, we’re trying to narrow things down & see where we can focus, that’s all :)

  4. Broughps

    I’m kind of the same as the others, the questions need an “other” option with a space to clarify. I read when I get an email alert but not always. Time period preferences depend on the story being told. As to how I watch shows, streaming but not on the regular streaming sites.

    • Trystan L. Bass

      But if we opened it up to “other” that’d defeat the purpose of restricting ppl to 2! And the streaming option did end with “etc.” :)

      • Broughps

        Yes but you’re not going to get an accurate idea of how people use the site or what they want to see.

        • Trystan L. Bass

          We actually get *very* detailed stats through Google Analytics & other tracking mechanisms, thanks! We’re using this survey for different purposes & have tailored it as such.

  5. Sarah Lorraine

    So, the point of a survey like this isn’t to capture all possible permutations of every reader’s preferences. If we did that, we would be wading through so much data that it would 1) take forever; and 2) be totally unnecessary for what we are trying to accomplish with said data.

    What we need is very basic, top-level information from you lovely people so we can better tailor some areas of this site to suit those preferences. We don’t need to know if you like A era 95% of the time, but B era only on every third Tuesday of the month, and C era only if it stars Adrien Brody topless riding a goat wearing a tutu.

    That sort of information, while no doubt edifying, is really not what we need for this particular survey.

    • Trystan L. Bass

      Dammit, I knew I forgot to include the “stars Adrien Brody topless riding a goat wearing a tutu” question! I may have to upgrade to pro-level SurveyMonkey for that.

  6. Clara

    I actually found it a very comprehensive survey, but I was a bit bummed when we only could pick two eras! (Yep indecisive here, I wanted them all, though I understand that the only pick two thing is reasonable.)