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It’s some kind of Law of Blogging that you do a holiday gift guide (really, look it up; they’ll uninstall your WordPress or kick you off Blogger if you don’t post one of these). We here at Frock Flicks enjoy consumerism as much as anyone, and surely you’ve noticed our handy-dandy Amazon Associate links at the bottom of various posts. So we don’t exactly need to flog movies or books during Thanksgiv-Christma-Hanukk-Solst-Festivu-Kwanz-whatever you celebrate this time of year. But still, we gotta do what we gotta do.

So in the spirit of ‘gifts for the historical costume movie lover who has everything,’ we present you with a holiday gift suggestion to go with each of our current podcasts…

Gift Ideas for Historical Costume Movie Lovers


For fans of Marie Antoinette — Macaroons

What could be a more perfect match for this confection of a film? Gift your Francophile, “Let them eat cake”-spouting friend or family member with a box of six elegant macaroons, baked fresh and shipped to their door.


For fans of Elizabeth — The Queen’s Pants

For a movie that takes such liberties with historical fact, undergarments printed with QEI’s portrait doesn’t seem sacrilege. The only problem is we can’t find a U.S. supplier, so you need to order early if you live outside the British Isles. Worth it for the look when friends open their present.

The Queens PantsBuy from

For fans of The Other Boleyn Girl — Philippa Gregory’s Novel

Historical fiction is an acquired taste. Some people who are into history love it as an extension of their fascination with the past, while others feel that it goes against everything they believe in. If you’re in the first camp, this is a juicy story of what could have been. If you’re in the second camp, go buy another box of macaroons.

The Other Boleyn Girl book

For fans of Wait Wait Don’t Frock Me — NPR Reusable Tote

We’re huge NPR nerds around here, which is why we based a whole ‘cast around “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.” Support public radio and go green at the same time with this handy tote bag.

Wait Wait Don't Tell Me bagBuy at

For fans of Vanity Fair — Saris

Hooray for Bollywood! If you have friends who loved the look of this 2004 costume flick, then they surely need more saris in their lives. Wear them or use them for home decor. Or, do as we and Hollywood loves to do, cut them up and sew historical costumes. So many to choose from!

sariBuy at

For fans of The Affair of the Necklace — Luxury Hotel and Spa Towel

Let your sweetie know you think his butt is just as fine as Adrien Brody’s by presenting him with one of these plush towels and asking for a little shower ‘n show. Suitable for all genders and orientations. Ages 18 and up. Frock Flicks cannot be held responsible for anything that happens upon gifting said towel.


For fans of The Borgias — Knife Letter Opener

It almost feels like cheating to suggest an official Showtime tie-in, but this was such an appropriate item.  At least as a gift for the office back-stabber or the relative who’s always giving back-handed compliments. Show them how you really feel a la life in 15th-century Rome.

letter opener

For fans of The Tudors — Personalized “Anne Boleyn” Necklace

Does your friend have a lovely little neck? Even if her name doesn’t begin with “B,” you can help her dress up to seduce a king, overturn a country’s religion, and maybe end up at the chopping block. Sure, test the fates! Give a personalized “Anne Boleyn” style necklace made by Charmedseed on Etsy.

Anne Boleynn necklaceBuy on

For fans of Outlander — Claire’s Knitwear

No joke. Dozens upon dozens of people are selling Outlander knits on Etsy, both completed items and patterns. We liked this set from Megsknitshit (her shop name was so fitting), but you can browse for different mitts, cowls, shawls, and random chunky, weird stuff to keep all your sassenach giftees warm.

knitwearBuy on

For fans of Restoration — Prawns

Is it weird to send shellfish as a gift? But it’s a funny line in the movie! And they’re a delicacy, so y’know, this would be a really fancy gift. Look, we didn’t say this would be a normal holiday gift guide. Go buy the movie on Blu-ray if you want that!



OK then, what else is worth giving this year? Are any of these making it on your personal shopping list? What are you presenting to the historical costume movie lovers in your life?


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