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You asked for it, so here’s an occasional open thread to bitch about anything tangentially related to history, costume, movies, or TV shows! Or whatever else is on your mind right now. Note that URLs are automatically held for moderation, but most anything else goes as long as you’re not bitchier than we are!

Hello 2020 — another decade kicks it into gear. Are you ready? Are you excited about anything in particular? Let’s get it going!

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26 Responses

  1. broughps

    Looking forward to seeing what the new costume designer on Outlander does.

  2. Susan Pola Staples

    Same here. And also look forward to more frock flicks focusing on POC.

  3. HeidLea

    I was rather annoyed by the 1917 trailer. I mean, yes, very little is done on WWI, and it seems like a pretty standard war movie plotline (must save another solider/platoon from Certain Death/Capture), but Goodness am I tired of war movies. From a costumer/enjoyment perspective they are hella boring and bleak, and as a human…I’m just very tired of war movies.

  4. Katie

    What the frock was Everyone wearing in the new Little Women. Seriously! Why…..just


    Kermit flail

      • Kristin

        I was actually screaming in the theatre at the scraggly loose hair … and thinking of all of you!

        I could maybe buy it from Jo. But Meg? At her wedding?!

    • ConsiderTheBees (@Wildfyrewarning)

      It seems extra odd to me because both the time period AND that particular movie have been done so, so many times you’d think they’d have no problem coming up with good costumes. It’s not like it’s set in some odd, rarely-shown-on-screen time period; it’s in the middle of the Civil War, FFS…

      • Kendra

        But they needed to make it modern and relatable!! Because otherwise we would all have brain aneurysms and die mid-movie!

    • Nzie

      oh no. seeing it tonight… maybe forewarned is forearmed? just expect to dislike the costumes… the thing is when I see costumes like that I feel like it tells me something about the overarching philosophy behind the film, and that concerns me.

  5. Sharon Broom

    A number of things about the movie bothered me. Like, Marmee wearing her hair down (which no woman of that time would have done) but putting it up after her husband returned. And that pink frilly thing that Meg wore didn’t look true to the period at all. But I liked adult Amy’s costumes and all the girls’ hats.

    • Kara

      I hate it when a “fresh take” is translated as loose hair and incorrect styles — Jo is a tomboy of sorts, but she also is a woman in a certain time period. Meg of all people would have been in keeping with basic fashion and propriety– I’d love to hear Emma Watson’s reasoning for despising bonnets and rag curls as being part of the patriarchy, or something. LoL

  6. Brandy Loutherback

    I wish they’d just put Jo in period accurate bloomers. It’s not that hard to look at period fashion plates, FFS!!! I hope the Gilded Age and Belgravia are better, though the 1840’s is a snooze-riffic decade! I wish War movies weren’t so male-centric, women were involved in both World Wars, FFS!

  7. Brandy Loutherback

    Is anyone else excited for Death on The Nile? slinky 1930’s + Gal Gadot=Yasss Please!

  8. Poetryqn

    Am I the only one in the world who abhors Little Women? Not this particular movie, but the entire book/movies/plot line? I’ve endured the trailer which is saturating my feed and is (unfortunately) un-skippable. Unlikely to endure another frame long enough to snark costumes and hair.

    • Kersten

      I would say that you’re not alone. I don’t hate it all but I was traumatized by Beth’s death and never liked the ending as a kid. It’s definitely not my favorite but I like the Winona and Katherine Hepburn adaptations as movies. It has been done toooooooo deaaaaaathhhhh though. Much more often than Jane Austen (P&P only has two big-screen adaptations of note to Little Women’s four!).

  9. Lillian

    A while ago, I watched “The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll.” As well as completely mangling the Jekyll and Hyde story, (Hyde is not supposed to be charming and handsome) they had extras walking around at a party wearing bikinis. In the Victorian era.

  10. Sam Marchiony

    Who else is constructing their Spanish-Princess-Season-Two Bunker?
    We may not have a release date yet, but we all know it’s gonna be bad.

  11. Charity

    WTF was the new Dracula on Netflix?

    I was digging the crazy but entertaining gore-and-snark-fest of the first two episodes, but then it leapt ahead into MODERN TIMES and my interest went in the trash. I barely made it through the final episode, which was BAD on every possible level.

    All I want is a Victorian Lucy wandering through a Victorian graveyard in a Victorian flowing white nightgown to have her blood-fest with Dracula. Is that too much to ask?!

    Also, IDK what the Spanish Princess will do, now that they killed off Margaret Beaufort as THEIR ONE AND ONLY EVOL BITCHY VILLAIN IN ALL THE GREGORY BOOKS / MOVIES instead of the hard-core bad-ass that she was.

    As one of her countless descendants (thank you,, I resent this.

  12. Nzie

    Ok, so I saw the new LW. As a film, I really liked it. The costumes sometimes look ok, but a lot of times there are serious issues in terms of accuracy (the men seem better?), and the Great Hairpin Shortage continues. But I think Gerwig is a good storyteller, enough to generally overlook those issues (and what I think were zipper flaps on all the fancy dresses at the ball)… I wish they’d followed the Gentleman Jack approach, which used period sources to come up with things that indicated “oh this character is different” without being so far outside the norm. But still quite good as a film imo.

  13. Maggie May

    Something to get off my chest. I understand that war movies are rarely done here. But I am a history buff and a boomer, so I have enjoyed a few. Like Tora, Tora, Tora, a factual account of Pearl Harbor made by American and Japanese production companies in 1970. Made without Big Stars, it was not a hit. But they did an impressive pre CGI depiction of a huge event; footage has been used by several later films.

    There are few women in the cast. No problem, since none were involved in preparing for (or NOT preparing for) and carrying out the battle. We see some officers’ wives at a party on December 6 and a couple of office workers. But they all look wrong. They wear dowdy shirtwaists, with their hair in moderate bouffants–sort an of unhip early sixties look. Definitely not 1941.

    Given the year and the small number of frocks requured, vintage costumes could have been located. A couple of real.stylists could have adjusted the hair and makeup. I guess they figured anyone interested in military history would care nothing for fashion.

    I do!