Frock Flicks Birthday: Disney Princesses Flashback!


To close out our birthday week celebrations (the Frock Flicks blog turns one year old this week!), we’re looking back at more of your favorite posts — and you sure do love some Disney princesses! Whether we’re bashing ’em on Buzzfeed or picking apart the historical influences, animated pretty pretty princesses are all the rage here.

Kendra got the ball rolling with her still-in-progress series looking at how historical costume designs can be found behind the iconic gowns of the different Disney princesses. First in line is Disney Princess Historical Costume Influences: Snow White (1937), where she found Miss White mixing a 16th-century and even 19th-century aesthetics with 1930s Hollywood touches.

Disney Princesses Flashback

All about the details.

Next up was the most princessy of all Disney’s princesses with Disney Princess Historical Costume Influences: Cinderella, Part 1 and Part 2. There’s so many costumes to address in this movie, Kendra needed two separate posts! From the Victorian (and Beverley Hills 90210 and Pretty in Pink) inspirations in Cinderella’s childhood and raggedy dresses to her 18th-century inspired ballgown to her 1950s wedding gown, these articles cover all of our heroine’s historically influenced clothing (and yes, we want to talk about the villains…).

Disney Princesses Flashback

Like, tragic, Cindy!

And lastly, but by no means leastly, Sarah took the topic of “historically accurate Disney princesses” in a different vein when a certain Buzzfeed video kept getting sent around social media. Said video had princesses, but nope, they weren’t historically accurate. And you know how that makes us feel. Thus was born Truly Historically Accurate Disney Princesses, Part 1 and Part 2. Maybe we should make some videos, hmm…

Disney Princesses Flashback

If you know us at all, you know how much we hate this.


OK, Disney fans, we know you’re out there. What historical costume aspect of Disney do you want us to attack next?

8 Responses

      • Michael L. McQuown

        Anyone who has any respect for intellectual property rights cannot do otherwise. Disney took classic stories by other people, put their costumes on them and then claimed copyright to the ‘image.’ They have used that to bully people out of doing their own versions of these classic stories until fairly recently. They own ABC, so any classically-themed programme they produce there is still ‘theirs.’

  1. erulisse

    I’d love to see you guys analyze the live-action Cinderella (2015), designed by Sandy Powell. She said she wanted to do 19th century fairytale dresses through a 1950’s lens, and I’d love to see how you guys think she did!

      • Lynn S

        I searched for it, but haven’t seen a review of the live action Cinderella yet. Is it still in the works? Not that y’all have LIVES to live or anything…

  2. angie kirby

    Could you do Ariel,because it looks like 1890’s with Ariel’s human clothes.Also,I was watching Mattel’s Barbie animated films and I noticed that some of the films have lovely period clothing!