Flick Picks: Cersei’s Mourning Gown from Game of Thrones by Loren Dearborn

To prove that we don’t just snark, we’re starting a monthly series called Flick Picks. This is where we praise costumers who’ve done an awesome job reproducing equally awesome movie or TV costumes.

And what better way to start than with something gorgeous from the two-time Emmy-award-winning for costume series, Game of Thrones, as recreated by our fabulous friend, Loren Dearborn of The Costumer’s Closet! She’s been kind of obsessed with the wardrobe of Westros recently, and on Friday night of Costume College, she showed off her recreation of Cersei’s mourning gown.

We mostly review historical costume movies, but let’s face it, some of us (ehem, ME) are huge fantasy nerds, so seeing Loren’s GoT repro was a knockout. Her embroidered lion motifs on the shoulders are exquisite — and, just like in the show, they’re a perfect example of how costume is a reflection of the character, since lions are a symbol of House Lannister. Loren did a lot of research, using screencaps and online interviews with the show’s costume designer, who talks about the fabric choices and embroidery, all of which gives depth to each character.

We love this! And we’re on the lookout for more fabulous movie & TV costume recreations, so stay tuned.

Game of Thrones Cersei mourning embroidery - Loren Dearborn

Loren’s embroidered motif for Cersei’s mourning gown

Game of Thrones Cersei mourning embroidery - Loren Dearborn

Loren as Cersei



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