Five-Year Blog Anniversary


Five years ago, we got the crazy idea to turn our every-now-and-then podcast into a blog. And now, we’re a veritable media empire, LOL! Well, we’ve published over 1,500 articles so far, cranking out posts every weekday, all year ’round for our adoring public. To celebrate this milestone, we’re giving a little something back — but because we’re snarky bitches, we can’t make it too easy, how could we?

Five lucky readers will get merchandise from our Zazzle store — your choice of a T-shirt (which you can customize with a different color or style) or your choice of mug/cup + pen + notepad. But you have to correctly answer these five questions.

The five winners will be drawn at random on Friday, August 23, 2019, at 8:00pm, PT, and they’ll be notified by email within five days. Contest is open to anyone with a mailing address that Zazzle can ship to.


The quiz is now closed! But here are the questions:

  1. Name the costume designer who drove us crazy from the start of the blog…
  2. Name the Frock Flick comfort object or happy place of at least one of the three of us…
  3. Who reviews most of the musicals on the blog?
  4. Who has serious opinions about hair on the blog?
  5. What Frock Flick did we try and fail to podcast?

All of the answers can be found by searching the site!


Thanks for sticking by us for the past five years!


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Three historical costumers who decided the world needed a podcast and blog dedicated to historical costume movies and everything right and wrong with them.

14 Responses

  1. broughps

    I don’t see any questions or a link to them. Am I missing something?

      • Gail

        I tried on both and there is no link to the quiz. This always happens to me – and I think it is because there is a pi-hole on our server blocking ads, etc. (set up by my computer sci son)
        So just FYI, it is probably the way it is linked?
        (It’s not related to needles and thread so that’s my best answer … if I figure it out I will re-reply)

      • Gail

        If you have a blocker on your server/internet, it will not appear.
        I just learned how to disable the pi-hole and the quiz appeared.
        This is what happens when your computer science child and the Husbeast control the internet and server in your house. They also complain about stepping on pins.

  2. Cheryl Hansen

    While I have not followed Frock Flicks from the very beginning and would fail the quiz in the most spectacular fashion, I decided to honor your Fifth Anniversary by finally becoming a Patreon member. Congratulations and many happy (snarky) more years to come!

  3. Nzie

    Happy blogiversary! This is the only blog I check daily anymore. Someday hope to support via patreon, but for now, all the moral support and cheering I can muster.

  4. Terry Towels

    Huzzah! and many more! (I hadn’t a clue on the answers)

  5. Erin E.

    Congratulations! I thought I was so smart but I certainly failed the quiz! Hope you share the answers with us later!

  6. Poetryqn

    Congratulations, guys! I haven’t been here from the beginning, but I sure am enjoying catching up! Here’s to many more years of snarky goodness!