Finding Neverland (2004) short review

Inspired by the true story of how J.M. Barrie (Johnny Depp) wrote Peter Pan, with Kate Winslet as the mother of four boys who inspired the playwright.  I liked but didn’t love it — it was touching and fun, although the Hallmark quotient was a bit high.

But on to the important stuff!  Kate Winslet looked divine, although I was hoping for more screen time for her gorgeous blue evening dress, plus there was another pink evening dress of which you really only got a glimpse.  Lots of smart blouse and skirt combinations for day.  However, the film is supposed to be set in 1903, but looked (costume-wise) like 1910-12ish.  Where were the pigeon-front bodices/blouses?  What was with the V-necks (very flattering, but anachronistic imho) on Winslet’s blouses?  Julie Christie as Winslet’s mother gets ONE dress (which looked straight out of 1909-10) for the whole film (and she’s supposed to be a well-to-do society woman), and Radha Mitchell as Mrs. Barrie got the short end of the stick — most everything she wore was just plain ugly and made her look bony.


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