Podcast: Elizabeth (1998)


In this installment, we analyze the costumes in Shekar Kapur’s “Elizabeth” from 1998, starring Cate Blanchett. Costumes by Alexandra Byrne. The theme appears to be “Bollywood does Elizabethan with as little research as possible.”

Listen as we critique the Elizabeth 1998 costumes below or on iTunes.

6 Responses

  1. Mark A. Havens

    I have listen to your pod cast . You need a man’s point of view .

    Thia is a small list of 16th century research books that I own.

    Queen Elizabeth Wardrobe Unlocked By Janet Arnold ( when I purchased was almost $400.00 ,* Pattern of Fashion 3 By Janet Arnold, * Gloriana The portraits of Queen Elizabeth By Roy Strong, * Dynasties..Paintings in Tudor and Jacobean England 1530-1630 Edited by Karen Hearn, * Drafting & Constructing a simple Doublet & Trunkhose of the Spanish Renaissance By R.W. Trump , * Daily life in Holland in the Year 1566 and the Story of My Ancestor’s Treasure Chest By Poortvliet, *The Tudor Tailor, Tudor Child, Tudor Servants..By Ninya Mikhaila and Jane Malcolm-Davies, * Period Costumes for Stage and Screen Patterns for Woman’s Dress 1500-1800 By Jean Hunnisett Designer of Elizabeth R , * Evolution of Fashion By HILL & Bucknell *
    The Tudor Age By A.F.Scott, * Dress in the Age of Elizabeth I By Jane Ashelford , * The Virgin Queen Elizabeth I , Genius of the Golden Age By Christopher Hibbert , * Queen Elizabeth I By J.E. Neale , * The Tudor Chronicles 1485-1603 By Susan Doran, As Well as my First book on Elizabethan Costumes (Non Historic) Janet Winter & Carolyn Savoy

    • Kendra

      A MAN! A may-an, you say? Well fetch me a mint julep and let me just sit here and knit a cozy for my wandering womb while you ‘splain it to us.

    • Kelley

      Mark, You have a very impressive library I’d love to hear your thoughts.