Early Outlander Season 3 – Open Thread


We know you’re all chomping at the bit for Outlander: Season 3 coverage from us! Well, we’re a bit behind because unfortunately none of us has Starz at the moment. And we’re not big players who get free screeners to review, so we have sort out a subscription (or three) and then catch up.

Though we can say that, checking out other site’s recaps, the first few episodes don’t have a lot of costumes that give us much talk about. In 18th-century Scotland, Jamie is looking worse for the wear after Culloden, and in late 1940s-early 1950s Boston, Claire is mopey and wearing very nice, historically accurate, but not our cup of tea stuff.

Y’all know our interest tends to peter out after World War II, sorry!  If you want an in-depth review of Claire’s ’40s wardrobe, we highly recommend Tom & Lorenzo’s recent article — that’s exactly the thing they love to do. Once Claire returns to the 18th century, and especially when she and Jamie leave Scotland (it’s not a spoiler, this is in the book series), the costumes will be back in our territory, and we’ll be on it, promise!

In the meantime, here’s a few screencaps of episode 2, “Surrender,” from Outlander Online, we found interesting…

Outlander (2017)

Jamie’s been living rough (thankfully he cleans up).

Outlander (2017)

His sister Jenny wears lovely prints with what looks like some quilting, which would be appropriate.

Outlander (2017)

Her midwife wears more simple clothes.

Outlander (2017)

But look at this nice, tidy headwrap! Perfectly right for the time and place. This is the easiest way a working woman keeps her hair out of the way.

Outlander (2017)

In Claire’s era, she and Frank have another couple over for dinner, and everyone’s wearing spiffy clothes.

Outlander (2017)

Is this fabric vintage? If not, it’s a stellar repro!


OK, now to you — what are your thoughts on the first episodes of Outlander: Season 3?


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13 Responses

  1. Susan Pola Staples

    I added Starz to my tablet just for Outlander. Claire’s Mrs school graduation party is very young Jacqueline Kennedy pre-White House. It was gorgeous. But, I too am waiting for 18th century dress. Next week there are the Dunsany sisters.

  2. Saraquill

    I hope the costuming department has better luck with cutters than they did last season.

  3. broughps

    This is the strongest season yet for story lines. Though as a book reader I’m not happy with how they’ve changed some of the story lines. I think this is going to be the best season yet, though possibly not for costumes.

    BTW Mary was a servant not the midwife.

    • SarahV

      Claire does have the most amazing coats this season, with the nipped waists and fullness behind.

  4. Brandy Loutherback

    Oh my god is this season gloriously depressing though! Seriously I want to give all the mains hugs! Especially Frank, my god was this not fair to him! I mean seriously! His wife leaves for 3 years with no expatiation as to where she’s been or who she’s been doing Wink Wink! and comes back pregnant, in remarkable preserved 18th century drag approx.
    200 years out of date(Still not gonna explain that one Claire.>:( Boo!) and in love with another man to boot! Yeah this whole series has not been kind to Frank Randall one of the sweetest male characters! Rip :(

    • Karen Eklund

      Glad to find others who see Frank as I do. I think so many viewers can’t get past their hatred for Tobias Menzies’ awesome but loathsome BJR character and transfer it unjustly onto Frank for being human.How many people, knowing their spouse loves someone else, would stay in such a loveless marriage? He is my favorite character and now my favorite actor (can’t find too much of Tobias in US). I will really miss him in the series! Kee

  5. Karen

    It is airing on the “W” network in Canada…Sunday evenings just can’t come soon enough for me (waiting for the dvd release so I can binge-watch the whole thing!) Having read all the books, and, knowing pretty much what is to come still brings on the anxiousness!

  6. SarahV

    I’m just here here for Prof. Frank with his corduroy blazers and snazzy turtlenecks….

    Why yes, Professor, I would like to see you after class.

    • Sarah Lorraine

      I have such a hard time with the fact that I’m not supposed to be Team Frank, but I AM SO TOTALLY TEAM FRANK. Dude puts up with so much bullshit from Claire and it’s not like we are expected to believe that Claire can’t fucking wait until she’s rid of him and go running back to Jamie. And then he DARES have an affair? WTF CLAIRE, YOU HYPOCRITE.

      It also doesn’t help that Frank reminds me so much of my fiance. Right down to the jauntily cocked fedora.


  7. Lin

    Does anyone know why Terry Dresbach hasn’t updated her blog in so long? Her last post was phrased like it would be the first of many entries during the gap between seasons but there’s been nothing since August 2016. I’m sure she’s extremely busy, but I loved reading about how she chose the fabrics and what her inspirations were

    • Sarah Lorraine

      After the American Duchess/Simplicity release of Outlander patterns (that made no reference to Outlander/Terry), she decided to stop blogging. She mentioned it was too easy for people to knock-off the designs from the hi-res photos she was posting. I’m not sure it will prevent “knock-offs”, but I do understand how frustrating it is to have no say in how your work gets used once it’s out there in the wild.

  8. Renee evans

    I loved the Dunsany sisters gowns. Especially the blue one Geneva was wearing. The 60s clothes are swimming in a sea of brown.