Costume Movies (& TV) Trailers: A New Batch!


If you’re like us, you’re desperately waiting for new costume movies and TV programs to look forward to. We track as many of these as we can on our Upcoming Movies page. Back in December, we posted a round-up of as many costume productions that were coming in 2015 as we could find.

Well, we’ve got a whole new raft of trailers to satiate you! Here you go, in U.S. release date order:

Effie Gray: April 3

This film, directed by Emma Thompson, tells the story of the wife of Victorian art critic John Ruskin. It’s finally getting a U.S. release date after some controversy about the screenwriting credits.

Wolf Hall: April 5

This miniseries, based on the prize-winning book, will show the rise and fall of Anne Boleyn from the perspective of Thomas Cromwell with pretty damn good costumes. It will air on PBS’ Masterpiece Theater in the U.S.

Outlander: April 5

The sometimes controversial, very successful story of time travel to 18th-century Scotland. Season 1 picks back up on Starz (TV) — we got half last fall, and now we’ll finish up this spring.

Far From the Madding Crowd: May 1

Carey Mulligan stars in this feature film adaptation of the Thomas Hardy novel (cue our Trystan! She’s a big Hardy fan).

Penny Dreadful: May 11

Season 2 of this late Victorian gothic/horror TV show returns to Showtime.

Poldark: June 14

We’ve posted this one before, but it’s good enough to post again!

Crimson Peak: October 16

Jessica Chastain and Tom Hiddleston star in this gothic horror story.

Still No U.S. Release Date for:

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Still no trailer for this 19th century + magic story, but we do have a clip:

Indian Summers

British colonials in 1930s India. Coming to Masterpiece Theater, but it’s unclear when it will air.

Queen of the Desert

Nicole Kidman stars as explorer Gertrude Bell. No trailer yet, but there is a clip:

Suite Française

Michelle Williams plays a Frenchwoman who becomes involved with a German soldier during World War II.

Madame Bovary

Mia Wasikowska stars.

A Royal Night Out

Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret get one night out on VE day, when World War II ended.

And Cross Your Fingers for a U.S. Release for:

Mapp and Lucia

Based on a popular series of books, this is the story of snobbery and social prestige in a small British town in the 1920s and 1930s. There was an adaptation in the 1980s; now, this new version stars Anna Chancellor and Miranda Richardson.

Nobody Wants the Night

Adventure film set in Greenland in 1908, starring Juliet Binoche.

Diary of a Chambermaid/Journal d’une Femme de Chambre

No trailer yet, but this German-language, behind-the-scenes video from the Berlin film festival does have some footage:


Which one are you looking forward to most?


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  1. Isara

    OHOHOH!! I just learned about “The Woman in Red” with Natalie Dormer playing Lady Seymour Worsley. It’s a BBC drama that’s supposed to come out this year. Know anything about it?