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Interested in what’s coming up soon-ish, historical costume movie/TV-wise? Here’s what has an actual release date (or at least some guess at one) in the next few months (for further out productions and ones that haven’t yet received a date, check our Upcoming Movies page), including a whole new raft of trailers to satiate you.

Here you go, in U.S. release date order:

Mr. Holmes (July 17)

Ian McKellan! Sherlock Holmes!

Tut (July 19)

Spike TV (aka Manly-Man Channel) miniseries. Should be a trainwreck.

Admiral (July 27)

17th century Dutch Admiral de Ruyter. Being released digitally (ie streaming):

Queen of the Desert (September)

Biopic of turn-of-the-century explorer Gertude Bell, starring Nicole Kidman (plus Robert Pattinson as Lawrence of Arabia, wth?).

Dragon Blade (September 4)

Adrien Brody (sans towel, sigh) and Jackie Chan as Roman soldiers lost in China. Something to take the boys to.

10 Days in a Madhouse (September 25)

1887: Reporter Nellie Bly goes undercover in an insane asylum.


Indian Summers (September 27)

This 1930s Brits-in-India mini-series was a HUGE hit in the UK. Masterpiece PBS just announced the US air date. I’ve been watching The Jewel in the Crown just to get prepped!

The Dressmaker (October)



A Royal Night Out (October)

See Sarah’s post for the trailer and more info!


Crimson Peak (October 16)


Suffragette (October 23)

Helena Bonham Carter, Meryl Streep, and Carey Mulligan fight the power.


Victor Frankenstein (November 25)

James McAvoy as Victor, Daniel Radcliffe as Igor, and Jessica Brown Findlay as “Lorelei” (who?). No trailer yet, but there is a quick Behind the Scenes video to watch:

And, a few trailers for movies that have no release dates:

Tale of Tales


Suite Française

This one’s been kicking around FOREVER — wth? Go ahead and release it already!


Been released in the UK and (just now) Australia and New Zealand. Will we get to see it in the US?

Catherine the Great

Russian production about the 18th century queen, hoping it will get an English-subtitled release?


Danish production that recently aired in the UK. Come on over to our side of the pond!

Which historical costume movie or TV series are you most looking forward to?


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Kendra has been a fixture in the online costuming world since the late 1990s. Her website, Démodé Couture, is one of the most well-known online resources for historical costumers. In the summer of 2014, she published a book on 18th-century wig and hair styling. Kendra is a librarian at a university, specializing in history and fashion. She’s also an academic, with several articles on fashion history published in research journals.

3 Responses

  1. Broughps

    I’m actually in the middle of watching Indian Summers and it’s very good. Not just the acting but also the visuals.

  2. Clara

    Actually super excited for Tale of Tales and the Scottish Play, and other two I am excited for are “Carlos Rey Emperador”, which I talked about here previously (THERE ARE ACTUAL CODPIECES AND MEN WEARING SHOES AND NOT BOOTS AND REPROS OF DRESSES SEEN IN PORTRAITS OF THE ERA) which covers the reign of Charles V (the first in Spain), and “La Corona Partida” (“The Broken Crown”), a TV film which covers the time between “Carlos” and “Isabel”, which is basically the tumultuous reign of Juana I, and the conspiracy between her husband Philip and her father Fernando to steal the power from her.