All the Costume Flick Gifs You Could Ever Want


Ain’t no party like a Frock Flicks gif party! We are on the way home from another productive Costume College, so I figured it would be a good time to do a half-assed post about one of my favorite things about the internet… Gifs!

1995 Pride and Prejudice

Someone more clever than I really needs to photoshop an explosion in the background and then this gif will be perfect. BBC’s Pride and Prejudice.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989)

I’m not sorry. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

2009 Desperate Romantics

Me, my senior year of Design school. Desperate Romantics.

2007 Becoming Jane

What did you just say to me? Becoming Jane.

Another Period

Every payday, about 6.2 minutes before I spend my entire paycheck on some harebrained idea like plane tickets to London with the other 2/3rds of the Broadway Recording Cast. Another Period.

Sense And Sensibility 1995

Oh, Alan. Alan Alan Alan. How missed you are. Sense and Sensibility.

Desperate Romantics
Desperate Romantics

Asking the important questions. Desperate Romantics.

Marie Antoinette (2006)

Asking the other important question. Marie Antoinette.

2007 Becoming Jane

HOTEST. SCENE. EVER. Becoming Jane.

the borgias 2011-13

Pontifical face palm. Borgias.

2011-13 The Borgias

This gif gets more ridiculous the longer you watch it. Borgias.

1995 Pride and Prejudice

OTHER. HOTTEST. SCENE. EVER. BBC’s Pride and Prejudice.

1993 Much Ado About Nothing

Admit it. You’d be quaking in your knee-high boots if you saw this coming at you. Much< Ado About Nothing.


Not a metaphor or anything. Honest. Marie Antoinette.

2004 Stage Beauty

Subtle. Stage Beauty.

Jane Eyre (2006)

Of all the Rochesters, Toby Stephens wasn’t my favorite, but that smirk definitely was. Jane Eyre.

Restoration (1995)

Is it just the naked Robert Downey, Jr. in the bed, or is it hot in here? Restoration.

Young Victoria (2009)

No, it’s definitely hot in here. Young Victoria.

2001 The Affair of the Necklace

I’ll be in my bunk. The Affair of the Necklace.

Share your favorite costume flick gifs in the comments!


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Sarah Lorraine

Sarah has an undergraduate degree in Clothing & Textile Design and a Master's in Art History and Visual Culture, with an emphasis on fashion history. When she’s not caught in paralyzing existential dread, she's drinking craft cocktails and writing about historical costume in film and television. She's been pissing people off on the internet since 1995.

12 Responses

  1. thedementedfairy

    I’ll be in my bunk. Gotta love a Firefly reference! OOh- time for another Inara/Zoe fantasy. And Mel. Mel’s bum in the desert. Hell to the yeah.

  2. Susan Pola Staples

    What about Violet Dowager Countess of Grantham?

  3. florenceandtheai

    There’s an episode of Red Dwarf (“Beyond a Joke”, season 8) where the crew enters a virtual “Pride and Prejudice” simulator. It ends with Kryten blowing up Mr. Bingley’s gazebo with a Sherman tank. Highly entertaining. I know nil about costume accuracy.

  4. Susan Pola Staples

    And Captain Jean-Luc Picard, ‘Make it so.’

  5. Sharon

    beautiful costumes, snark, knowledge AND Firefly references………………..I love you ladies! x x x

  6. Caroline

    How can you NOT like Toby Stephens as Rochester? He’s my hands down fave. Now I liked the idea of Michael Fassbender as Rochester, but I was too distracted by Mia What’s-Her-Face to enjoy that movie. She’s about as awkward as Kiera Knightley when it comes to period movies.

    But I digress….and head to my bunk to contemplate Toby Stephens’ smirk.

    • M.E. Lawrence

      Re. Toby S. as Mr. R.: He’s too damned handsome. Most screen Rochesters are. Charlotte Bronte carefully describes him as close to ugly (although we, Readers, know that he’s a man of the world, with all that implies). I’ve spent far too much mental time trying to figure out who could actually play Bronte’s Rochester. George C. Scott wasn’t bad, as I recall. Too old and too American, but he gets the character.

  7. Rab

    Sorry, not sorry, Orson Welles Rochester puts me in my bunk…

  8. saffireblu

    While I’m ridiculously late to the party… even if it isn’t my favourite historical movie, or even the best- there is something about ‘Becoming Jane’; like most, I love Austen- & I have a closer connection than the average fan: thanks to my mother’s obsessive interest in genealogy, I learnt that we’re descended from the Austens- via one of Jane’s brothers – I don’t have the paperwork to hand, so I can’t remember which one.
    That scene tho… forget the sex- sometimes the seduction is the more fun part!