RIP Mayor Cutie


THEY KILLED THE PUPPY. (Not in real life, luckily). Yep, the character of Mayor Cutie was recently killed off on Another Period (um, spoiler alert). The cruelty. The pathos! She just wanted to sing with Joplin! But noooooooo, Lillian couldn’t share the spotlight (or the cocaine wine), and Mayor Cutie suffered the consequences.

Let us reflect on her fine sartorial sense as we bid her adieu:

Another Period on Comedy Central

The Mayor knows how to rock a wig.

Another Period

She’s good at snoozing.

Another Period

Should a dog wear fur? Discuss.

Another Period

She’s SO not into this hat.

Another Period

Taking center stage with Joplin.

Another Period


Another Period

YOU’RE jealous. (This hat confuses me).

Another Period

Such grace! Such rhythm!

Another Period

The paparazzi couldn’t leave her alone.

Another Period

Even when Lillian and Beatrice looked like crap, Mayor Cutie looked flawless.

Another Period

Nobody in this family understood her.

2013-18 Another Period


RIP, Mayor Cutie. I’ll miss your mad wig- and tulle-wearing ways.


Are you a fan of Another Period???


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5 Responses

  1. Natalie

    I can’t tell if I’m a fan or not because I’ve never heard of this show. Am I missing out? Did they kill the dog? That might not make me a fan.

  2. filmsnob

    OMG, Looove this show. Watch out for the embarrassment of Bicycle Face.

  3. Justme

    is that… a fur dog shawl made out of a cat? a whole cat?? NOOOOOO!!!!!!