Anne Boleyn (2021)


Everyone has fixated on one thing about this three-part miniseries Anne Boleyn (2021) — that Jodie Turner-Smith in the title role is Black and the historical figure she portrays is not. But I’m pretty sure that folks complaining about that haven’t watched the show because there’s plenty to discuss, pro and con, about it without even noting Turner-Smith’s or Boleyn’s skin color. Sure, it’s a factor, but not at all so massive as the internet made it seem.

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8 Responses

  1. Roxana

    This wasn’t colorblind casting it was stunt casting. The show makers were looking to make a statement and get attention. Miss Turner-Smith’s acting chops were irrelevant. It was all about her color. Also the costumes look awful.

    • Gosia

      Thank you for this honest statement. Moreover, I think that actors, playing historical characters, should externally resemble them.

      • gaiabaracetti

        I agree. I also think it’s hypocritical to complain about things like Mary Queen of Scots not being portrayed as a redhead, not to mention things like white actors playing Asian characters, but not about this much more extreme deviation from the original historical figure.
        Double standards really bother me.

  2. Lynne Connolly

    I’m all for colour-blind testing especially if it reveals new insights. However, I was disappointed in this one. A great actress wasted. It was turgid, and the script wasn’t that good. And unfortunately it added nothing new. Wolf Hall still reigns for me.

  3. Sam Marchiony

    I’ll be the dissenting voice in one regard — though the costumes leave a LOT to be desired, I thought Jodie Turner-Smith was among the better Annes I’ve seen in terms of performance lately (a few weird moments in the script notwithstanding). She had a very dignified air going for her that I thought made sense for the stretch of time the series was portraying (trying to maintain her composure and power rather than go to pieces as the world turns against her), and she and the directors found a way to make her Anne sensual and alluring without going into hypersexualization or objectification at the appropriate times (for the most part).

  4. Will

    I sincerely was curious about this film. But it was just so boring and the inaccuracy definitely killed this for me. Screw her skin tone- Anne orders the execution of a peasant woman without trial for spitting at her (as if a queen could condemn anyone to death) and Henry VIII is the sub in their word bdsm-ish relationship. Thank you, no