Podcast: Affair of the Necklace (2001)


Chris Shyer’s “Affair of The Necklace,” starring the weirdly cast Hilary Swank as 18th-century conwoman Jeanne de la Motte who manages to cause a major political scandal that ultimately leads to the downfall of Marie Antoinette. Costumes by Milena Canonero. The costumes were gorgeous, however the most memorable outfit was a wet Adrien Brody in a towel.

You can listen to us critique Affair of the Necklace costumes below or on  iTunes.


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  1. Cheryl

    Another great suggestion – thank you ladies! When I find a new movie that looks interesting my new litmus test as to whether I should watch is whether frockflicks has reviewed it… :).

    Completely agree… gorgeous to watch (loved clothing + scenery) and was a great contrast/continuation of Marie Antoinette. I also really liked the scenes outside of Versailles (which you didn’t get in MA) showing the contrast between the classes. Hilary Swank was hard to believe, and I think they did a bit of a disservice to the story…. I think it would have been way more fascinating to see how growing up in poverty after she was abandoned by her mother may have driven her to build a better life for herself… but hey nobody asked me :).

    But still… yummy clothes and some yummy menfolk as well (my preference being the shirtless swordfight scene…). Thanks for the movie suggestion!!


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