Abduction Club (2002) short review

This was surprisingly Not Bad, given the fact that it was released in the UK in 2002 and never made its way to the US. Sophia Myles stars as one of two sisters kidnapped by members of the Abduction Club, younger sons who in 1780s Ireland couldn’t get wives via the conventional method given their lack of fortune. It’s definitely teenybopper-y and no Grand Drama, but it’s certainly harmless. The costuming was relatively nice, although many of the female characters wore what I would consider undress in public way too often.


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Kendra has been a fixture in the online costuming world since the late 1990s. Her website, Démodé Couture, is one of the most well-known online resources for historical costumers. In the summer of 2014, she published a book on 18th-century wig and hair styling. Kendra is a librarian at a university, specializing in history and fashion. She’s also an academic, with several articles on fashion history published in research journals.