Podcast: A Little Chaos (2014)


Catching this film soon after its U.S. release, we admired much about the story but found the costumes a little lacking in historical accuracy. Yep, designer Joan Bergin reused some things from The Tudors and let a little gaposis shine into A Little Chaos, but at least we still have determined proto-feminist Kate Winslet, brooding Belgian Matthias Schoenaerts, and not enough of the awesome Alan Rickman playing around in muddy Versailles to distract us.

You can listen to us critique A Little Chaos costumes online below, or on iTunes.

Or, if you’d like some visuals, we made another video slideshow version of the podcast! Watch it on YouTube: Or not. NBC-Universal is claiming copyright of our video, which is ridiculous because the whole thing is a criticism (as in, analysis) of the film, which is specifically acceptable as fair use. We’re figuring out what we want to do next.

One Response

  1. Michael

    You should definitely take a look at “The Wicked Lady” 1983. Costumes by John Bloomfield.