WCW: Dominique Blanc


Today we celebrate French actress Dominique Blanc, who has been a staple in period flicks since the early-’90s. I first remember seeing her as Isabelle Adjani‘s saucy sidekick in Queen Margot (1994), and from then on, it seemed like she was everywhere in period films. Most recently, she had a cameo in the first season of Versailles as the Dowager Queen Anne of Austria, but her films stretch back twenty years to include some of the most well-known costume flicks.


Indochine (1992)


Queen Margot (1994)

1994 Queen Margot


L’Alle du Roi (1996)


Un Pique-nique Chez Osiris (2001)


Dumas (2010)


À la Recherche du Temps Perdu (2011)


Alexandra David-Néel: J’irai au Pays des Neiges (2012)


Versailles (2015-)



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  1. Susan Pola Staples

    I would love to see L’alle de Roi and A la Recherche du temps perdu as well as Dumas. Are they all on Amazon Prime?