Top 5 Moments in Pride and Prejudice 1995


This is the 20th anniversary of the beloved 1995 Pride and Prejudice miniseries, so we’re looking back at that version and Jane Austen’s world. This is the second in a series of many posts about this classic adaptation!

If you love Jane Austen, you love the 1995 Pride and Prejudice, and you probably love these great moments. Oh, we know, there are more — we’re saving the best Mr. Darcy ones for Man Candy Monday.


1. Mr. Collins’ Closet

Upon the recommendation of Lady Catherine de Burgh, of course.


2. Mr. Bennet Reprimands  the Girls

Mr. Bennet’s bemused negligence of his daughters finally comes to a head…


3. Mrs. Bennet’s Hysterics

We don’t know how she suffers!


4. Bingley’s Sisters Don’t Need You

They don’t have to be introduced by you, sir. No, indeed.


5. The Netherfield Ball

It’s the party of the season!


What are your favorite moments from Pride and Prejudice (1995)?


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9 Responses

  1. Ellen

    I’m a fan of that part where Lizzy tells Wickham that she heard that sermon making never used to be so palatable… and the look on his face when he realizes she knows his past… so funny. Caught in a lie but she did it so graciously! :)

  2. Sarah

    The Look! You skipped the Look! When Lizzie is turning the pages for Georgianna and Darcy gives her The Look. Then she returns The Look!

    Also, Lizzie’s stinging rebuke of Caroline Bingley in which states that she deserves such no such praise nor such censure.

  3. SharonD

    I am amused every time by so many things Mr. Collins does, like when he is at the dinner table during his first visit with the Bennets, and he is remarking about how he rehearses little nice sayings to impress ladies, and Mr. Bennet calls him out on it. And every time he is overheard talking about the the fireplaces at Rosings and boring party guests to tears, so funny! And of course, when he and Charlotte take Lizzy to visit Lady Catherine and Mr. Collins is a bout to say something and Lady Catherine cuts him off…and the way he puts his hand over his mouth as if she has just stepped on his tongue, so sublime!

    And Mr. Bennet, my dear Mr. Bennet! This is the best portrayal of him. The Kiera Knightly version is HORRIBLE for many, many, many reasons (that dumb-ass pig). but the greatest travesty in the pig version is the loss of the sense of the sweet, loving relationship between Lizzy and her father. Every girl wants a father like Mr. Bennet! My favorite Mr. Bennet moment is when he strings Mrs. Bennet on relentlessly following Mr. Collins’ proposal to Lizzy, and then drops the hammer on her by telling her he will never see Lizzy again if she DOES marry him! So delicious!


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