Technical Consultant

vintage technical woman

We’re looking for technical assistance! Our strength is historical costume, not high tech (despite living in Silicon Valley). As our web publishing empire has expanded, we’ve outgrown our original web hosting agreement. We’ve researched new services and tools, but we want technical expertise to guide us as we upgrade and move the site.

Because none of us are making a profit off this enterprise and all Patreon donations go back into the hosting and publishing tools, we can only offer a small stipend in compensation (and a T-shirt or other merch, if you like!). But we hope that someone in the Frock Flicks community can lend us a hand.

Frock Flicks Tech Consultant

Must be knowledgeable about web hosting with Word Press to help Frock Flicks with:

  • Evaluating web hosting options from our choice of businesses and advising on which specific services to use for, considering scalability and ease of use.
  • Assisting in migration of site to new web host, as needed.
  • Reviewing current and proposed WordPress themes and plugins for interoperability, maintenance, and security.
  • Advising on general security practices for hosting, WordPress, and community.

Initially, we expect this would be about 4-6 hours of work. We hope it could be an ongoing relationship, and we’d have monthly or quarterly tech check-ups of an hour. Prefer availability on weekday evenings Pacific Time, mostly by text/Facebook, after an initial phone or Skype interview.

Please send your resume / CV or LinkedIn URL to us at trystan (at) frockflicks (dot) com as soon as possible. Thank you!