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Eighteenth Century6

Outlander! The wedding!

Academics would look at this dress and say, "Pfff, a French court style worn in the Scottish highlands? With modern-layout silver leaves floating on it? There's no sources for that!" Whereas a film/tv/theater costume designer might say, "Yes, but it COULD be possible...
Eighteenth Century97

The Gross 18th Century: Calling bullshit on hygiene myths

Terry Dresbach, costumer for TV series Outlander, had to go and ruin it by not just posting inaccurate "facts" about the length of time it took a woman to get dressed in the 1700s, but about hygiene (women only bathed once a year and they bled all over themselves during their periods and they peed freely wherever they wanted because NO UNDERWEAR and EW!), and sanitation (bodily fluids everywhere! No sanitation! Rivers running foul with human excrement!).