Summer Repeat: A Day in the Life of Frock Flicks


The Frock Flicks team is taking a little time off for a summer break, so we’re repeating some choice posts from the archives.

We’re capping off our week of summer repeats with a peek into a typical day in our frock-flicking lives. Here’s why we needed that vacation, folks!


A Day in the Life of Frock Flicks


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Three historical costumers who decided the world needed a podcast and blog dedicated to historical costume movies and everything right and wrong with them.

4 Responses

  1. Susan Pola Staples

    Isn’t there a couple of entries missing?
    More swearing
    Still more swearing
    Consuming mass quantities of tipple

  2. Lynn

    Don’t forget the laughter and the snark! I bet you have as much fun writing as we have reading. :)