Summer Repeat: 16 Reasons Why the 16th Century Is My Happy Place


The Frock Flicks team is taking a little time off for a summer break, so we’re repeating some choice posts from the archives.

Everyone has something they return to again and again — the one true fave, the beloved classic, their comfort zone. For a week of summer repeats, we’re flopping back with the frock flicks we love best. For Trystan, that’s anything set in the 16th century. Find out why!


16 Reasons Why the 16th Century Is My Happy Place

Glenda Jackson as Queen Elizabeth I



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One Response

  1. Susan Pola Staples

    Duh, you had me at Elizabeth I.
    But I too prefer Fraser’s bio of MQoS, and why do all telling of her life as a series/movies omit the successes she had in Scotland before Darnley entered the scene and spoiled it?