Reader Request Review: Britannia (2018)


We’ve mentioned a few times that Patreon supporters and those who send individual donations are welcome to request historical costume movie reviews, and we’ll put those at the top of our list. There’s no guarantee, of course, since some films and TV shows are hard to find or simply don’t qualify as a frock flick.

BUT we do have a Patreon subscription level that gives you the Frock Flick of Your Choice! You pick the historical costume movie, and we’ll review it. Any film or TV series that’s available via streaming or DVD in the U.S., name it, and we’ll give it a proper costume analysis.

So Emily, this one is for you! She requested we review the series Britannia (2018), which premiered on Amazon this year (and on Sky in the U.K.). We snarked the preview pix last year, and oh, yeah, this is gonna be interesting…

Do you want to read all of this article about Britannia? The full post is available on Patreon for our subscribers! Check it out here. We’ll make this post available to everyone one year from today. Until then, only Patreon subscribers can view it!

Britannia (2018)

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We’ll be back tomorrow with a post for everyone. Just as we noted in a recent podcast, we want to give those who subscribe regular exclusive content. We’re also thinking of how to provide exclusive content for PayPal supporters, so if you have ideas, drop us a line!



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Trystan L. Bass

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A self-described ElderGoth, Trystan has been haunting the internet since the early 1990s. Always passionate about costume, from everyday office wear to outrageous twisted historical creations, she has maintained some of the earliest online costuming-focused resources on the web. When she’s not dressing up in costumes, she can be found traveling the world with her sweetie and, occasionally, Kendra and Sarah. Her costuming and travel adventures are chronicled on her website, TrystanCraft. She also maintains a popular fashion blog, This Is CorpGoth, dedicated to her “office drag.”

3 Responses

  1. Kelly

    BUT we do have a Patreon subscription level that gives you the Frock Flick of Your Choice! You pick the historical costume movie, and we’ll review it.

    So question. Your patreon website lists $50 a month as the level that guarantees a review. Is the expectation that you’ve committed to that for a year? As in, $600 total for one review? I don’t mean to sound stingy but that’s more than it’s worth to me. On the other hand, I would feel like an asshole if I cancelled a subscription right after the review was published if you were expecting a year’s worth of support.

    • Trystan L. Bass

      Fair question! We wait until at least one month’s subscription has been processed before we ask what review the person would like. After that, it’s up to each person :)


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