Other Boleyn Girl podcast – image listen along!

To go with our podcast of The Other Boleyn Girl, here are some of the costumes we reference…

Major shout-out to the fabulous Costumer’s Guide to Movie Costumes for being such a great resource for movie costume images! Here’s the main page for Other Boleyn Girl images.

Favorite costumes:
Kendra’s — Anne’s green gown
Sarah’s — Mary’s orange robe
Trystan’s — Anne’s trial dress, gowns with overpartlet like Anne’s brocaded gown

Least favorite costumes:
Kendra’s — the Circle dresses – Anne’s and Mary’s
Sarah’s — Anne’s Cranach (riding) dress
Trystan’s — Mary’s black patterned gown

Everybody’s least favorite:
Men’s hair — Dad’s dorky hair, Henry’s crop
Anne’s Calla Lily dress


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