Happy Presidents Day From Frock Flicks


The team is taking this American holiday off for a little break. If you want a historical costume movie fix, check out our archives and find us on Facebook and Twitter.




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3 Responses

  1. Maggie May

    Well, that’s an atrocious image! Is that supposed to be Washington?

    The blinding white wig? Washington never wore one. He could afford a servant* to groom his natural long hair, pomading and powdering it on occasion. Wigs, when worn, were made from natural hair–not always human–pomaded and powdered.

    The beard? In those days, men were clean shaven. Washington shaved himself. And he never would have appeared in rumpled, ill fitting clothing.

    “Turn: Washington’s Spies” wanders a bit from history. But Ian Kahn’s Washington is excellent.

    Servant is derived from Servus, Latin for slave. Thus the word’s use by the educated. Washington’s will famously arranged to free his slaves on Martha’s death, but freed his bodyservant immediately.

    • Janet Nickerson

      I saw a worse wig years ago at an historic event in DE – a fellow made himself a ‘powdered wig’ by (I think) gluing cotton balls onto a skullcap (because that’s what it looked like).

  2. Lily Lotus Rose

    You guys deserve a break.Enjoy the day off! Thanks for giving us so much great content to drool over. Er, I mean, to thoughtfully consider.

    The guy who played George Washington in Turn was a total snack!! The picture above makes me want to find watch that episode of Drunk History featuring John Lithgow as George Washington. I bet it’s a real hoot! On the subject of Revolutionary War historical hotties–Ben Barnes as Sam Adams in Sons of Liberty was beautiful. He’d be beautiful in a burlap sack, though. The miniseries itself was laughable, but still Ben Barnes was yummy!