Frock Flicks Is Off for Memorial Day


The team is taking this American holiday off! If you want a Frock Flicks fix, check out our archives and find us on Facebook and Twitter.



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7 Responses

  1. Susan Pola

    Happy Memorial Day to you too. BTW are you using Glory pic as your pic for today’s blog?

  2. indiaedghill

    “Happy Memorial Day”? Um…this holiday is in memory of those who died serving their country, so I’m not sure “Happy” come into it, actually…

    • Susan Pola

      I know but I’ve always wondered what the. proper and etiquette response on this day is?

  3. indiaedghill

    I’m not sure we need to say anything, unless talking to a veteran or active serving member of the armed forces. “Thank you for your service,” seems to cover it in that case. I know what you mean — people have started saying “Happy — ” on what seem like the most non-happy holidays.

  4. Lynn S

    TL:DR – Honestly, I’d rather you thank me and wish me a happy day than snarl, sneer, etc; but it is a breech of etiquette to do so. :) Thank me on Veteran’s Day. Thank active servicemembers in the active, guard, and reserve forces on Armed Forces Day (third Saturday in May). Memorial Day is for those who have their lives in service of this country, as well as those who survived serving and have passed for other reasons.

    As a US vet, here are my two cents: First,
    it is always nice to be thanked for my service, so I’m not going to get grumpy to those who say thank you or “Happy Memorial Day.” However, Memorial Day is to honor the sacrifice of those who gave their life for every American’s freedom. It is a sober day, so take at least a few minutes before a day of enjoying the summer, barbecues, etc, to reflect on those who made that sacrifice. (We choose to attend a graveyard memorial service because there was a flyover that would entertain my girls, as well as solemnity for hubby and I… before enjoying the rest of the day at a local pool. I’m not saying everyone should wear black and actively mourn for the day, just take at least a few minutes.) Whether they be in your genealogy or among your current family and friends, hopefully you have people you can reflect on. Please don’t thank me, I made it through my time in service with body, mind, and soul mostly intact. :)

    On Memorial Day I think about a friend who was electrocuted in Iraq as he set up a base, another friend who came down with encephalitis while in Iraq and died in Colorado later while seeking treatment, a friend who survived Iraq only to be killed by a van while cycling in Oklahoma. I know far too many young men and women who died far too young. I also think about my ancestors, who fought in the American Revolution and the Civil War, WWII and Korea. I’m thankful to them all, even as my heart breaks at the waste of life that war brings.

    So, to sum up, thank active members of the armed forces, regardless of branch or status, on Armed Forces Day – 3rd Saturday of May. Thank veterans who served and live on Veteran’s Day. Thank those who have passed on Memorial Day in some way and honor their memories. Hope this clarifies!

    Fun fact: 0.4% of our population currently serves in the military, with 7% having served at one time or another. Only 1.4% of American women have ever served, compared to 13% of American men. Lots of other fun numbers here:

    • indiaedghill

      Lynn, I thank you — deeply — for your service. And your input on the etiquette question was helpful; I do get tired of the apparent conviction that the point of a holiday — ANY holiday — is to have a 20% off sale. (You know, just as the winter holidays are to celebrate various religious holy days and/or to spend time with your family. Which is why, apparently, it’s so important the stores be open 24/7. Don’t the people who work in the stores have families too? Sigh.)

      • Lynn S

        I about made a crack about how no one knows about Armed Forces Day since there are no “one day clearance lowest price of the season!!!!!!!!!” sales, but I thought it distracted from the semi-serious tone I was trying to convey. :)